September 16, 2010

Using Four Square to your advantage

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Four Square can be a powerfull local marketing tool

How can you use it to your advantage to gain local, quality customers? Not everyone likes four square. But as an online marketer or someone that takes care of a twitter and facebook account it can be a valuable tool. You can use it to gain local, customers on twitter and engage them. Don’t use this method to gain quick followers. Use this method to build relationships with people in your business’ neighborhood.

Four Square Marketing

Four Square Marketing

You don’t even need to check-in to be able to use this feature. The image above show’s a local starbucks. If you click on View Tweets Near By, you will get a geographical tweet stream. Very handy for figuring out who is in your neighborhood. As I mentioned earlier Don’t do this expecting quick follow backs. Think of this as a long term project. Follow people in your area, create a list of them and then monitor that list for keywords specific to your business. Hootsuite is a great Twitter App for monitoring keywords.

When you see terms that are related to your business engage the potential customer. Say something useful to them, and mention that you offer services in their area.

Don’t spam, There’s a lot of chatter on twitter, and people don’t like it when you spam them. If you are tactful about the way you approach the customer, not only will you gain a new follower, you will gain a potential sales lead. Another method you could use is not even mentioning your services. Say something nice about the person you followed. Get their attention and they’ll likely follow you back.

This method of attracting local customers can be a long process. However you will gain quality followers who are looking for what you offer in your area.

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