December 2, 2010

UnMarketing Vancouver

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UnMarketing Conferance Vancouver

Stop marketing, start engaging is the catch phrase of Scott Stratten. Author of UnMarketing.
UnMarketing the BookI’ve been to my share of Social Media and Marketing events where people who claim to know Social Media don’t. Scott actually gets it. He understands what Social Media is. An engagement tool. He also happens to be a funny, intelligent speaker on the subject.

Some lines from the conference…”You only need to be average at Customer Service, because everyone else sucks.” If you don’t know business is Customer Service get out. If your going into Social Media because you think it will solve your problems? It wont. Fix your Customer Service issues first, good customer service keeps customers. It starts by caring about your customer.

“It’s not your job to tell your audience how to consume your product. Let them decide.” – It’s all about making it available. RSS may not be as popular as it used to but I have it on my site. Having links to your social feed where you post your content is important as well.

“There is no such thing as Social Media Success.” I’ve always believed this. So many people want to be Social Media Rock stars. Be a rock star at what you do rather then at Social Media. Social Media is just a tool to get you there.

“Make what you publish Awesome. People spread awesome, not mediocrity.” Flat content goes no where. Write about what your passionate about. Scott also mentioned that It’s not necessarily about frequency. If you delay writing periodically, people wonder what happened. They then read it because they think it must be good, you took so long to write it.

“If you don’t like Social, dont get into Social Media.” If you are not able to be social with people in person, then twitter is probably not for you. You need to be able to engage online and off. Simple concept, but without the offline connection, online means nothing.

If you want to learn how to use social media buy Scott’s book UnMarketing. From what I learned from him at the UnMarketing conference I’m excited to read it. The simplest Social Media formula is to engage.

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