November 26, 2010

Targeted Blog Posts

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Targeted blog posts can be a powerful way to create a niche market

I frequently blog about local events. Both on this blog and on Vancouver Blog, Photodreamz. When I blog about events I’m near the top of the page. Sometimes I’m even above the event sponsors. I Use Targeted blog posts and SEO to techniques to achieve this.

H1 Title tags and Permalinks are two of the ingredients I use to do this. This blog posts title is Targeted Blog Posts. It’s also repeated in the H1 Tag. Targeted blog posts can be a powerful way to create a niche market.

Here’s a working example. I created a blog post about The UnMarketing event coming up in Vancouver. I backlinked to related content and was very specific in the title. The result is I’m at the top of the page for this content. Notice how everyone associate with the event but Amuse Events is using a different H1 and Link title? Rather then Have a Title like Un-Conference Vancouver | CK Golf Solutions Ltd, I would make the title consistent with the permalink. e.g. @CKGolfSolutions is currently ranked 3rd, and Amuse events second.

UnMarketing Book Tour Vancouver

UnMarketing Book Tour Vancouver

It’s also good practice to name the title link the same as the permalink. If you have an image associated with the blog post call it un marketing book tour coming to vancouver in the title, alt, caption and description. Use the associated keywords in the first paragraph of the blog post. This increases your keyword count.

The final thing I do which some may debate is link-baiting. Creating links to related content, remembering to title them appropriately. If you are not the first to blog about a subject, link to that subject. You can then use the URL & title of the link as keywords and link-bait.

So What’s a link-bait?

It means to create something that naturally attract backlinks for your web page by getting people to talk about it, discussing it on forums, blogging about i, posting it on and linking to it from their sites. It also attracts a lot of visitors. 8 useful linkbait tips for successful SEO in 2011

Linking to related content is also a form of link-baiting.

Finally you can send trackbacks. Trackbacks are built right into WordPress. They should be on your Edit posts admin page. Trackbacks notify other blog writers that you have used their content or links in some way. They may then choose to link to your content or not.

Using TrackBacks

Using TrackBacks

By combining these techniques, and keeping your title and h1 tags consistent. You can improve your SEO and use Targeted blog posts affectively. Content is king, you should also place the keywords you want in the beginng of the blog post. Not only with the h1 tags. By doing this you improve your posts ranking.

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    Targeted Blog posts. Use Niche traffic.

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