November 16, 2010

Reflect on direction

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Do you ever sit back and reflect on the direction your career is going?

Reflecting on career directionA recent lay-off has given me the chance to sit back and reflect on the direction my career is going. A year ago I had know idea what I wanted direction I wanted to go for a living. When we are working we don’t always have the time to think about career direction. Are you going in the direction you want to go?

Unless my dream job comes up and slaps me in the face I think I’m going to go the entrepreneur route. I recently applied for a Social Media Coodinator job with Grouse Mountain. That is the type of job I want. Getting it will be the difficult part. In the mean time I looking for consulting and contracting opportunities.

I’m currently seeking opportunity, full-time, consulting or contracting in the hallowing areas : Blogging, Social Media, Photography, SEO. I have a diverse range of knowledge and am technically savvy. I can customize a wordpress site so it’s search engine optimized. I know how to strategically post on social media sites to boost your site ranking. Photography is what I’m passionate about. If I’m not taking pictures for a job I’ve got my camera with me everyday. I’m Social and Social Media savvy. I’ve taken my @photodreamz account to a klout score of 55. I know how to seek out customers and engage them on Social Media sites.

It’s a bit longer then an elevator pitch but those are my skills. If you are looking for someone that has those skills email me. info at webtechbc dot com.

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September 2, 2010

Google Analytics Custom Filter

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A great use of Custom Filters in Google Analytics is to track a specific keyword like your Company Name.

In my case I want to track any search for the name Webtechbc.

Login to Google Analytics: Go to the Website profile you want to add a filter to: Click edit under add new profile on the right hand side. Under Filters applied to, which should be the third row down in the profile table: Click AddFilter.

Name your filter. I’ve given it the name webtechbc: Select Custom Filter: In this case we want to Include. Under Filter field Select Campaign Term. Under Filter Name select: Webtechbc (E.G.). In this case you would use your company name, or a specific term you want to track.  Click Save report and you are done.

Custom Filter Campaign Term

Custom Filter Campaign Term

This type of filter is great for tracking marketing campaigns, or keeping track of a specific brand name and from a specific source like google.

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