September 9, 2010

Analytics – Custom Alterts

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How to monitor keyword changes through Custom Alerts

Do you monitor certain keywords frequently? For this website I monitor “Vancouver SEO on an almost daily basis. Google Analytics has a new feature called Intelligence.

What this means is you can set up a custom report to monitor keywords over a given time frame and it alerts you when it changes significantly. How much of a change is entirely up to you and customizable. To set this up, Click on Intelligence Beta within your website profile.

Next find +Create a New alert above the alert table. You should be on a page that looks like this.

Vancouver SEO

Vancouver SEO

I’m going to ad An Altert condition under All Traffic and Select City. (its under the green tab). In my case the condition contains Vancouver. Next I’m going to ad the alert which is the blue tab. I’m going to select Visits but you could use an parameter you like. I’m going to tell it to altert me to increases more then 10% on a daily basis. I’m done so I can create the report.

You may also want to set up an alert to see when keyword traffic decreases by 10%. In my case I would use the reports to find out what time of day my traffic is at its high-est and then schedule blog posts around that time period. I might also want to target the blog post to the keyword I’m using in the alert when traffic is at its highest.

Analytics has some custom alterts already set up that you can use as examples. They are listed under Altert Templates on the Manage Intelligence Alerts page. Have fun!

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February 4, 2010

5 Twitter and Facebook Marketing Tips

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Looking to promote your photography online? There are several ways you can integrate social media to do this.

1. Open a twitter account
- Use a similiar name to what your website url is or your brand name. Put a twitter badge on your website so people can see you are on twitter. When you create a blog post use a service like to shorten the url and then post the blog post on twitter.

2. Cross market using facebook
- Maintain your facebook page with updates. Post your latest images. Join groups on facebook to promote your photography and business. When you post something on twitter cross post on facebook. Link your website to facebook with facebook links.

3. Use a customized background with a stretched image and an information badge about you
- Include a excellent photo that represents you as your custom back-ground. Make it 2000px wide so it stretches the screen. Put an information badge on the top left corner of this image that includes your business name, your name, your url and some photos.
Make sure you test it on smaller screens so it is visible.

4. Build your followers
- Post to sites like use hashtags to promote your photos. Example if you have a picture about vancouver use #vancouver and #photography. Hash-tags are a very useful tool similar to wordpress tags.

5. Use Twitter & Facebook Everyday
- Its simple, but the more you use it, the more you post, the more you get noticed. Attend social events when possible. Have a business card with both your website and twitter, facebook pages listed. Promote, Promote, Promote.

Good Luck.

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