January 14, 2011

Adding value to Social Media

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Looking to Add value to your Social Media campaign?

One of the easiest ways to add value to a Social Media campaign is to start a twitter chat on a topic or industry. My friend Scott Dawson has done this in the Real Estate Industry. Scott is a mortgage broker from the lower mainland. In part to increase followers and meet people he started a twitter chat using the hash-tag #YYRREChat.

Vancouver Real Estate Twitter Chat is a weekly event on twitter to discuss everything from blogging to what’s happening in Real Estate.

Creating hashtag discussion in your industry is a great way to meet new people on twitter. The topics you discuss are up to you. A great way to add value to the people in your group is to create a blog post linking to everyone who joined the discussion. Here is Scott’s YVREChat Blog Post.

The next time you are looking to increase followers in your industry try a chat or discussion on twitter.

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December 9, 2010


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paper.li find out whats happening in your Social Media network

Don’t have a lot of time to keep up with your Social Media Networks?

http://paper.li is a great way to see what your network has been up to. It show’s you links that have been shared, photos and popular tweets.


You can add value to your network by creating papers on subjects like #SEO seen above. There’s three ways you can create a paper. Twitter Handle, Hashtag, and Twitter List


Creating your own newspaper is the best way to stay up to date and add value to your twitter network. Try it out if you didnt already know about it.

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December 1, 2010

Reasons I may not follow you

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Reasons I may not follow you on twitter, or un-follow you

There’s been all kinds of blog posts about twitter etiquette and following or un-following people. I say, make your own rules. Personally, I do not automatically follow people. I look for commonality. First an foremost I look for things we have in common. Sometimes it’s location based. If you live in Vancouver, you’ll get a follow or a list. If you work in my field you will likely get a follow.

Twitter Follow or Not

Some people subscribe to the follow for a follow rule. I find this is not always practical. It also creates a lot of noise and does not add anything to the value of your twitter stream.

Things that will get you un-followed

If you auto DM me on follow, that’s an automatic un-follow. Let me discover your content for myself. Auto DM’s are not the way to get attention. Build relationships and engage new followers by saying hello with an @ ping. This acknowledges them, and lets people you follow know about them.

Over-posting content / marketing

If you fill my twitter stream with junk or spam, I will un-follow you. I’m a marketer too but you can market with out over-doing it. Post your content once, be strategic about when you post it and it will go further.

Don’t post everything

There’s some things I really don’t need to know. Consider what you are posting before you post it. Do you really need to advertise it to the world?

Things you should do : Be yourself. Add humor when possible. Be sincere. Sincerity works. Engage your followers. Talking to people not just talking about yourself. Be unique. Be Friendly. Make up your own rules.

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November 29, 2010

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

The Rules in Social Media seem to be constantly changing, but there are some that remain consistent. Having been on Twitter since March 14th, 2009, I’ve seen Internet Marketing change a great deal. I’ve also changed the way I market myself because of this.

Engage rather then Market. I found that as soon as I stopped marketing my own work and started engaging, more happens. Not only engaging on Facebook & Twitter, but engaging offline in person at tweet-ups or Meet-ups are important. By engaging you develop relationships. Relationships take time, so the best way to get to know people is to get offline and meet them. When you have met someone in person, there is more of a connection. Via @shanegibson: Social Media Tip: One of the fastest paths to social media ROI involves meeting in person. Put simply someone you have met will find more value in your content then someone you have not.

Don’t over Market. You’ll hear this often. It’s important. Post your work once, but post it strategically. Monitor your networks and find out when you get the best results. e.g. Try posting at lunch time when more of your audience is online. There’s a lot of noise on twitter, so you have to figure out the best time to leverage that noise.

Make your website Social Media Accessible. Make it easy for people to post your work from your website or blog. Social Media Icon and sharing services help achieve this. It’s ok to use more then one and put them in multiple places. Visibility makes it more accessible.

Keep up to date. Keep up to date. Use websites like Mashable to find the latest trends. Make them your own. Innovate.

Keep working on relationships. Online and off. As I said above, relationships are important. Not only friends you make on twitter and social media. Keep your family and friends relationships going. Don’t neglect those around you. Social Media is just a business tool, in the end it’s the people in your life that matter.

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November 12, 2010

Putting Your Company on Twitter

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What to consider when putting your Company on Twitter

Marketing IntelligenceBeing successful on Twitter and Social Media is a journey that requires time and commitment. If these are not things you are prepared to give perhaps you should delay putting your company on twitter.  Here are some things to consider in putting your company on Twitter.

If you don’t have time to tweet, hire someone to do it for you. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is going into Social Media without knowing the time and cost involved.  It takes time to build followers and influence on twitter. You need to be willing  and able to communicate with your customers on twitter. Satisfying customers in a timely matter through Social Media is something a lot of customers look for. If you can do this successfully you gain customer loyalty.

Communication is the key to success. It’s not enough to talk about your business and the services you offer. You have to find your customers and communicate with them. Talk to them about what their needs are, are they satisfied with the services you are offering, how can you improve. These are just a few topics you could talk to customers about. Find and follow your customers and offer them added value. They will in turn follow you and promote you.  Engagement. Engage and you will be successful.

Offline Marketing drives Online Marketing.  Don’t neglect offline Marketing. In fact promote your Social Media presence offline. If you are in retail include twitter and facebook pages on receipts & in store windows. Marketing intelligence is realizing that you need to diversify. The social savvy will notice your offline marketing and follow you because of it.

Use a Social Media consultant that knows SEO. SEO or Search Engine optimization are a perfect blend together. You need someone that understands both SEO & Social Media Strategy. A Social Media Campaign that has efficient SEO involved in it can drive your campaign ROI even further. SEO is all about updated content, knowing how to create strategic Social Media posts can keep your content at the top.

Networking offline is important. Allow your Social Media consultant to get out and meet people on behalf of your company. If you are not networking and meeting offline you are missing a piece of the Social Media pie. Offline networking is equally important to online.

Integrate your Social Media Department with Marketing. Don’t put Social Media in the IT department. Social Media needs to be aware of what offline Marketing initiates you are working on. They should be joined at the hip and working as part of a team.  Again it’s important to have someone dedicated to Social Media because of the time involved, but they also need to understand Marketing concepts.

The last ingredient is letting your Social Media person do their job. Let the person you hire to do Social Media do their job. It may seem like an obvious point, but a lot of companies put too many restrictions on Social Media. Be open, be willing to compromise, and go with the flow.  If your not willing to explore new options in promoting your company your Social Media Campaign will go no-where.

Engagement Graphic Credit : Intersection Consulting.

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November 9, 2010

Track Twitter Referrals in Analytics

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It’s possible to track Twitter referrals using Analytics

If you want a way of tracking blog posts that you promote on twitter it is relatively easy. Doing this will allow you to see if you are using the right audience for your twitter campaigns. If you have a high bounce rate and low page view you are probably not using the right target audience and it may be time to re-focus.

Here’s how I track landing pages using Advanced Segments. Go to your analytics dashboard and click on the website you want to monitor. Advanced Segments are under My Customizations on the left side menu. Create a new custom segment. : Select Landing Page under the Content Tab. (Green Section on Left Side Menu). Drag it to the Dimension or Metric Square.

Advanced Segments Landing Pages

  • Advanced Segments Landing Pages
  • While a blog post is not a traditional landing page, if you want to test your content and see how successful it is, this is the way to do it. For this experiment I’m selecting “Contains” as the “Condition” and “/Blog” as the “Source”. You could get more specific and track targeted blog posts.

    Next I will ad Referral Path from Traffic Sources on the Segments menu. You could use other events like Medium to track organic keywords if you chose. Since I’m tracking a twitter referral event, referral source is the best option.

    You could easily duplicate this to track Facebook referrals.

    Name your segment. Something obvious like twitter-referrals and save. Now I’m taken to Manage Advanced Segments page. I can view the report I created.

    While my visits are reletively low, my Average time on site and New Referrals are high. This is good, it means people are spending time reading my content. You could break it down even further and test your individual blog posts.

    Twitter Referral Report

    Twitter Referral Report


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    November 7, 2010

    Twitter Followers

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    Twitter is about more then just follower count

    @webtechbcMost people who are new to twitter focus on one thing. Follower count. It’s natural really, you want a large number so lots of people see your tweets and conversations.

    It’s not until you start to learn how to use twitter affectively that its bottom line is not just follower count. A large follower count is a given with someone like Steve Jobs president of Apple. For the average joe or brand being famous is not a great Social Media strategy. It takes time to get there and may not be worth the effort.

    So how do you use twitter affectively with a low follower count? Communication is the key. Talk to people. You don’t even need to follow people to talk to them. By building lists of people that share your interests brand or personal you can find people to talk to. I have blogged about using lists before. Like Managing your follower lists with formulists… Read More so I won’t go into that further now.

    By creating a list weather it is locally based or subject base you can then filter it for people to communicate with. I frequently use the Twitter Search Tool as a search engine. It’s a great way to perform advanced searches and look for potential customers. It has not replaced google, but should not be discounted as a way of driving business.

    There’s another benefit to focusing less on twitter followers and more on conversations. Communicating with people drives word of mouth and you gain followers. It also helps increase your influence when you talk to people on twitter.

    Lots of companies going into Twitter with a Social Media Strategy of branding and marketing alone. You will gain business using this method, but an affective Social Media Strategy also includes communicating with customers.

    Consider this as a Brand Strategy Responding to customer needs. Both negative and positive reactions to your brand need to be addressed in a timely manner. The more you satisfy the customer the more word of mouth business you get and in turn you gain followers.

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    October 29, 2010

    Follow Friday Profile

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    Its Friday again. My favorite day of the week. Now I’ve got another reason to like Friday is my new profile series. I’m making it a regular feature. The blog is about Social Media, so this feature will also help improve the Social part.

    The profile this week is on my friend Adrian Eden. Adrian is an SEO from YaleTown who blogs about life experience. We met at tweet-up. I think we get along we’ll because were both from British Columbia and grew up in small towns.

    Adrian Eden

    How long have you been blogging & tweeting?
    I have been actively Blogging for 3 years and tweeting for 2 years. I look at my Blog http://www.adrianeden.com/ as a way to express myself and thoughts and Twitter @adrianeden as a way to discuss things as they happen in the world around us. I also love Twitter for the hyper local news element.

    How did you get started?
    I got started because I have always been someone who likes to express myself. I felt empowered and it was a lot of fun. I like to test the  naming conventions and semantic field content placements and watch the rankings in SERP pages go up and down based on that and inbound links.

    What is your social media strategy?
    My strategy is to have fun and be myself while sharing content that I create and supporting others in getting their voices heard. I truly believe it is all about quality and not quantity. I do not try to monetize my personal Social Media usage, rather I grow relationships and do business with the people I connect with the most deeply. You should know all about that right Ben. ;)

    Whats your favorite topic to tweet about?
    I love hyper local news and SEO tweets. I also like to hear about photography and anything related to the outdoors like hiking and camping.

    Whats your favorite topic to blog about?
    I like to Blog about the experiences and people that are in my life as well as high level thinking and the psychology behind technology. You can also find how-to articles and some comedy.

    Do you have any advice for those new to social media & blogging?
    Do not  follow tons of people and hope they follow you back (on Twitter) but rather focus on the @replies and asking really good questions. You do not have to ask people to follow you if you are creating genuine and interesting conversations. Let the content sell itself. Never forget who you are and do not be afraid of criticism, it just means you are doing something right. You can not please everyone.

    For Facebook I would say do not add a bunch of people to your friends list that you do not know as you will get a ton of invites to parties and events that you have no interest in attending. Use it to strengthen already existing real world relationships and share pictures. Always keep in mind that you cannot fake authenticity, it takes time and consistency to earn respect and influence.

    Do you own a business? If so tell us about it
    I founded YaletownSEO.ca http://yaletownseo.ca/ as a way to drive word of mouth awareness in my skills as an SEO and Internet Marketing professional. I have been fortunate enough to mentor with some of the best people in the online gambling industry, I traveled the world attending conferences such as the iGaming Super Show in Prague, and I also took a commercial web development diploma here in Vancouver at the Institute of Advanced Media. Right now I am working with Coleman Heating  http://colemanheating.ca/ to get their content strategy up and running. I have also worked with Calvin Ayre http://calvinayre.com/ and the Bodog Brand http://www.bodogbrand.com/. I have a number of other clients but would prefer to keep them private at this time. I am currently not taking any new business, but you can hear me speak at the upcoming entrepreneur meetup at The Network Hub http://www.thenetworkhub.ca/ @thenetworkhub on November 18th 2010. I will be taking questions and offering actionable advice for local businesses.

    What are your hobbies besides blogging and social media?
    I love bodybuilding and traveling.

    Last weeks #FF was on Bob Grey local musician and hockey fan.

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