October 12, 2010

Twitter is just a tool

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Why organic SEO will get you better results and twitter is just a tool

I’ve been on Twitter for over a year now. I have approached website traffic from both the social media marketing point of view and SEO point of view. While there is no doubt that twitter generates website traffic, you need to consider what kind of traffic it generates.

Something to consider. Twitter by it’s nature generates a high bounce rate. Traffic from sources like twitter is a good thing, however the time spent on a site tends to be low and the bounce rate high. Generally these are not sought after qualities for an SEO. How do I know this? Just look at the analytics below for a three month period. High bounce rate and low time spent on website. My belief is that this is because people get used to seeing a 140 characters. As soon as they have to read, if they don’t find something of value right away they leave.

Organic SEO Traffic on the other hand is a much more desirable commodity. Why? Bounce rates & average time spent on websites is much lower. This is because people are already looking for what you have, they have sought you out using google.

How can this problem be solved? Seek out an audience in twitter that wants what you have to offer. Advanced searches are one way of doing this. Follow people in the same field that will re-tweet your work. The main point is to make sure you have an audience that is looking for the knowledge you have to give. If you do that your twitter analytics should improve.

Don’t rely on just twitter traffic. Maintaining organic SEO is a better means of generating quality leads. Twitter should only be used as a tool to get your website out there. Tweet your full url’s so that google indexes the link. Be specific in the tweet and keep the point of your content in front. Twitter is a great communication tool, but organic SEO is a better option for your sites long term growth.

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August 17, 2010

Track Twitter with Advanced Segments

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Do you want to measure website referrals from social media mediums like twitter? There are several ways of doing this, but one of the fastest is using Advanced Segments.

On your main reports page click on advanced segments under My Customizations. Then Click on Create a new custom segment top right of screen.

You will be directed to the page … Manage Advanced Segments ยป Edit Advanced Segment. It looks something like this.

Setting Up Advanced Segements for Social Media

Setting Up Advanced Segements for Social Media

Under the Dimensions Tab on the left drag Source to dimension or metric square. There are several arguements to choose from. The best for our purpose is probably "Contains". In the text field enter twitter or the social media medium that you want to track.

If you wanted to track more then one medium you could click add or statement and repeat the process. Lets say that I wanted to track all of my social media streams. It would look something like this.

Tracking Social Media with Google Analytics

Tracking Social Media with Google Analytics

You are almost done. At the bottom of the page it has a text area with Name Segment. For my purpose I am calling this Social Media. Click Save Segment. You will be taken to a list of reports, where you will find the advanced segment you just created. Unless your analytic account is brand new, you should already see referral data in the report.

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