February 11, 2011

Working with great clients

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I love networking, mainly because I’ve made some great clients and contacts through it.

There are all types of clients in the SEO field. Some very knowledgeable others are relatively new to technology and websites. I can’t say if I like working with one over the other. Sometimes all a client needs is a push in the right direction.

That was indeed the case with Scott Dawson whom I met at the UnMarketing Book Tour. Scott asked for some advice on his website regarding URL Slugs.

A couple of months later we met over coffee and discussed SEO changes to his website. An SEO’s job is a lot easier when a client understands the importants of great content. That’s something that prevailed on Scott’s website. What an SEO does is look at the internal structure of that content. Does it have proper titles, does it link to the proper places within the website, etc.

If you are looking to hire an SEO, my philosophy is to help you make the changes that will best benefit your site. I can also provide training if needed on how to maintain it down the road. Sometimes a few tweaks can greatly improve your website rankings. Thanks to Scott for this awesome Testimonial.

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February 8, 2011

Anatomy of a good blog post

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Anatomy of a good blog post

Looking at the anatomy of a blog post or page is one of the things I do in SEO. SEO is not really a difficult job, but you do need to know how search engines look at data on the internet.

A good blog post will have the following elements to rank well with Search Engines

Titles : Are extremely important Not just the URL title, H1, H2, H3, and bolded text all carry weight in a search engine. Always include an H1 title. It can be styled anyway you want, large or small, as long as the browser recognizes an H1. H2 & are equally important. On important subheadings use an H2 or H3, the search engine will look for these. A lot of bloggers make an emphasis on something by boding it, when possible an H tag is the preferred method.

Titles in Links: It’s true that we can get lazy when creating content. Don’t let this keep you from using a title tag. Search engines use the title tag to determine the value of a link It should be descriptive with keywords that describe your link properly. 3-5 words is usually enough. If you go longer you are using a method called Long Tail Keywords. Long tail keywords can also be helpful in building landing pages.

Alt tags : Naming your images with naming conventions Naming conventions with images are very important and over looked. Did you know people can find your site through a google image search on a subject? If your image is named properly it can help drive traffic. If you have a photo of Vancouver or a series of photos be specific. E.g. VancouverView1.jpg think of a name that people will likely search for and use it.

When you upload that image place Vancouver View in the image title, alt tag description and caption tags. The key is to repeat. They can be unique but at least some of the words should be similar.

Content Placement: If a description is how a search engine describes your website think of content placement in the same way. You can write for search engines without writing for search engines. All you have to do is be descriptive in the first 160 characters of the content.

Use keywords in content without over-use: It is possible to write good content without over using a keyword. You can place keywords in Post tags as well. Keep the keywords light and it makes it easier for a person to read the blog post.

Link to related content: Linking to related content is your ally. If you are not the first to post on a new subject, link to someone else’s post. Make sure you include a ping back and title text to the link. Always quote the person as well.

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January 28, 2011

Is google going too far?

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Webmasters and SEO’s are complaining about Googles new Content Farm Algorithm. Stating that website traffic has dropped from Google significantly since the content farms implementation.

You can Follow the thread here.

Essentially google has introduced a new spam filter. They are trying to determine if a website is spam through an algorithm. Personally I don’t think this is a very viable method of sorting spam from non-spam.

The idea of Google trying to determine that through an algo, and the guaranteed huge fallout from that (on non-spammy sites) should be enough to make anyone scared.

If the algorithm determines your site is spam when it isnt, you don’t have a lot of say in the matter.

Google is also censoring Torrent searches online. Last time I checked both Canada and the United states are democracies allowing for free speech. The problem I have with them censoring torrent searches is what they are not censoring.

Censorship is a grey area. What gives a corporation the right to censor?

As much as I love Google and most of it’s products they are turning towards the dark side. Where does it stop? Are we going to freely give up our civil liberties to a corporation?

It’s not even that I’m concerned with them censoring Torrents. There’s an argument for copy right material. What I’m concerned about is why they are censoring something like this, but allowing things like racism and how to build a bomb online. Why should corporations get to choose what is censored and what is not censored?

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January 26, 2011

Link-Exchange Partnerships

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Link-Exchange Partnerships, the fastest way to my spam folder…

The fastest way to my spam folder is an email asking for a Link Exchange. There are SEO’s who are usually new to the game that will do this as a practice.

Tip 1: If you are going to ask for a link exchange, don’t tell the person how to link to you. It looks more natural to a search engine if your links title text are organic and unique.

Tip 2: If you are asking for a link exchange, research the website you are linking to. Related content, and locality will go a long way in giving you more page rank. If you are a Mortgage business in New York who’s customers are American, there is no value in linking to an SEO who lives in Vancouver Canada. You will not gain customers using this method. Chances are the link won’t do much for you either.

Instead consider linking someone in your region who would a benefit from the link. It’s also a good practice to link to someone in the same industry that would help drive customers and related content.

Before you start spamming websites for inbound SEO links, consider strategy and if it is really worth it to both parties.

Blogrolling will offer you more value in a link-exchange situation. Consider that before spamming a webmaster with a link-exchange request.

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January 17, 2011

Titles are everything

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Titles are everything – A quick brown fox…

Titles are everything, this is something every good SEO knows, or at least should. Titles are one of your most powerful allies in SEO. In fact a title can take you just as far as a link can. To the search engine the title is like the holy grail.

A good title is keyword rich: Titles are everything is the title of this blog post. By repeating it in the permalink, H1 tag and beginning of the post you increase the chance of spiders finding the keywords. It’s a good practice to repeat the keywords at the beginning of the document.

The title needs to be descriptive. The title should be no more then 60-70 characters in length. The more descriptive and keyword rich the better. This blog post is not really about a quick brown fox, I’ve used that as an example title. The main focus is Titles are everything. How and where you place those keywords is equally important. A lot of people make the mistake of putting the brand name before the title. Brand name is secondary to what you really want people to search for.

Titles in Social Media. Rather then send out a tweet or facebook update that says, Read my blog post, titles are everything; focus in on what it really is about. Titles are everything, [link] blog post. Always include the full link. By including the full link in social media posts you add keywords and make it easier for search engines to index the url.

When you have a great title you can focus on the writing. Far to many SEO types write for search engines. By focusing on a title that works for your blog post or page you can then focus on writing that people are interested in reading.

Great titles help build back-links. Since people find your work by the title, this is just common sense. A great title will produce more back-links then a crapy title. Would anyone really search for the title A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, in relation to SEO?

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January 11, 2011

How Social Media has changed SEO

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How Social Media has changed SEO

With Social Media having gone mainstream in the last two years, it has changed how I think about SEO. In the last year I’ve seen countless articles about how search engine optimization is dead or dying because of social media. SEO is not dead or dying, but there is a new model for it. SEO changes, and changes quickly, that’s one of the things I love about it.

SEO is no longer about keywords: If you are using meta keywords like you did 3 years ago, its time to dump them. Google and other search engines no longer rely on keywords to judge content. They are useful and should still be used but as sparingly as possible. Use keywords for targeted niche traffic on landing pages rather then site wide.

Linking is important but so is sharing: Search engines still rely on links to determine ranking. It’s important to have as many links as possible. The best way to build links is to link with someone that has more authority then you do in a related subject. Another way to build those links is by creating shareable content. Stop writing for search engines and write for people. The more people share the content the more you improve your ranking. Make sure you share the full url or use a url shortened like google. Only google indexes it’s links, which is key in social media link building.

The more you share, the more links you build: Simple concept really. The more you get a page or blog shared by Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, the more links you build.

Optimize Social Media profiles for better sharing potential: Optimize your social media profiles so you can better build your audience organically. I’ve learned a lot about sharing content on social media. It’s not the size of your audience that matters, it’s how much interest they have in your content. This is where a lot of SEO’s fail in Social Media. You can have 10,000 followers on twitter, but if they don’t share your work, they don’t help you. Having an optimized profile helps build an audience that will share your work. This is the key to success in social media SEO .

Adding value to your site with SEO & Social Media: Making your website shareable is the best way to add value. Other ways you can add value include finding niche markets and optimizing for them. Niche marketing is an over looked commodity in SEO. You gain more exposure for your website by using niche marketing. Research is important, make sure it’s a searched for term.

SEO requires a lot of upkeep. Integrating social media is one way to make that easier. Building brand trust on social media platforms takes time. Invest in getting out and meeting people and building that trust.

SEO is not dead or dying, but continuously changing. My SEO model has changed to an SEO sharing model because of the tools that are available to me. I focus on content that is readable, and hopefully unique and shareable. Today’s search engine optimizers need to look at new ways of doing things to stay competitive.

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January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

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New Years Resolution, Take Flight

Before New Years I had decided I wasnt going to make a resolution. I posted a tweet saying, “I’m not making resolutions. I’m pursuing dreams this year.” I am still sticking with this. While Photography is my passion and always has been, I’ve come to realize that I have talents in other areas, like SEO and can make money there.

My resolution this year is to know what I’m worth and not be afraid to charge it. If you have a skill and are a professional, value your own skill and others will too! In 2010 the biggest thing I learned is that value is perceived. If you raise the value of your product, by raising your price, and providing a professional service, people will pay for it!

Some things to consider when going into business for yourself.

Don’t under value yourself. All too often in business we try to go after the quick buck. Both we and the customer forget that it takes experience education and training to gain the skills you acquire. Why not charge more for a service including this as a factor.

Be confident, in who you are and what you can do. I went through life learning from the school of hard knocks. I do have an education, but, I learned confidence by doing. There’s no cookie cutter solution, be who you are, know what you can do, and do it.

Network to success! A year ago, I was a far shyer, closed in person. A loved one helped me break out of my shell and start networking. She forced me to do it, and if I hadn’t, I would still be that person. Break your norm, do something that makes you uncomfortable. If you want to succeed in entrepreneurship or life, learning this will help you.

A positive can do attitude can take you far. Every time I have failed or faltered I’ve lost the can do attitude. If you think positively, positive things happen. Its a cliché, but sometimes a cliché works.

In conclusion, if you want something and know what you are worth you can go far. You just have to be willing to step out of the box and achieve it.

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December 9, 2010


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paper.li find out whats happening in your Social Media network

Don’t have a lot of time to keep up with your Social Media Networks?

http://paper.li is a great way to see what your network has been up to. It show’s you links that have been shared, photos and popular tweets.


You can add value to your network by creating papers on subjects like #SEO seen above. There’s three ways you can create a paper. Twitter Handle, Hashtag, and Twitter List


Creating your own newspaper is the best way to stay up to date and add value to your twitter network. Try it out if you didnt already know about it.

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