November 23, 2010

Vancouver Startup Resources

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Vancouver Canada Startup Resouces

Vancouver, CanadaVancouver has long been considered the Silicon Valley of the North. Startups are a growing trend in Vancouver and have been for a couple of years. The market it perfect for it. Vancouver has a talented pool of workers and resources and is a hotbed for the Canadian tech industry.



According to 226 Startup companies opened in Vancouver in July 2010. That’s a pretty large number.

Companies like Hootsuite Inc. have opened in our back-yard and managed to become very successful. Hoostuite is a Twitter client that allows you to update Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Networks in one place.

Startup success is happening in Vancouver because of the networking and small business environment. There is a constant stream of networking opportunity in Vancouver. To be successful with a Startup networking is one of the first things you should do. Before you even launch a company. Services like have a meetup to suit every interest and business.

Resources and websites with startup focus :

Founded and managed by entrepreneurs, the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society (BES) is a community and mentor driven non-profit organization that was formed to inspire entrepreneurship in Canada and help Internet startups take their idea from conception to commercialization.

With services : like Startup Club, which allows startups to communicate and interact with each-other. Launch Party Vancouver, which showcases new startups in the Vancouver area. Grow 2010, Turning entrepreneurs into leaders, and Investor days. Which Helps startups secure funding.

Startups North Is a group of startups who write about their experience, startups and startup related events. - A Community based index of startups in Canada. It’s a great resource for finding investors in Canada.

Techvibes Vancouver Offers a wide range of resources including a link directory to list your business. Techvibes has an anual post Digital Media People to Watch in BC. Its a who’s who of Startups in the Vancouver area.

If you are working towards your own startup one of the first things you should do is join The Network Hub Co-Working. Working at home alone is not for everyone. Most startups will have small beginnings. The Network Hub is a Co-Working space that offers shared offices. It’s also a great place to Network. Not only while your working, but they host Entrepreneur related events on a wide range of subjects.

Starting a startup business can be a daunting task. But if you know where to look there are lots of resources for it in Vancouver. Network your way to success.

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September 22, 2010

Learning SEO

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Learning SEO – Resources for Beginners

SEO or Search Engine Optimization One of those things that you should never stop learning. There’s lots of resources on the web for learning SEO, I thought I would put together my own list.

Google Webmaster Blog One of the best places to start. When you have set up your site in google webmaster, log-in and use the help & tutorials. They are fantastic free resources. WordPress SEO Guide. The best place to learn how to optimize wordpress for SEO. If your new to blogging and wordpress, start here. This guy will guide you through how to set up your blog properly and achieve high rankings. One of my favorite SEO Resources. Lots of variety in topics and its easy to find information on the website. A great place to start when learning SEO. SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide From SEOmoz. A easy to follow book style site for learning SEO. Search Engine Optimization 101. A online course style guide to learning SEO.

SEO Guide for Designers A great resources for Web Designers who are not SEO knowledgeable.

There’s plenty more resources out there, this is just a short list. If you know of a great site worth mentioning please comment below. With SEO you have to keep learning to keep on top of it. There’s always someone that knows more then you do.

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