January 20, 2011

Blenz coffee Red Brand

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Blenz coffee aka Cupid

Blenz coffee has been somewhat of an innovator on the social media scene in Vancouver. Innovator in that they have adapted to social media and embraced it early. I’ve heard George Moen, President of Blenz talk Social Media on several occasions, and he certainly knows what he’s talking about.

Affective social media for companies is a blend of interaction and marketing. Where Blenz sets themselves apart is in the way that they market to the customer. They actually interact with the customer on twitter and social media platforms.

Image Credit Photodreamz Photography.

Valentines MonthFebruary is a month made for couples, with Valentines day being in the middle. It’s certainly no pick-nick being single at this time of year. During the month of February Blenz coffee has come up the idea of Blenz Red Brand. If you are single and looking for a date, all you have to do is go to Blenz buy a coffee and ask for a red sleeve. Pretty ingenious really. Who doesn’t go to coffee shops? Not everyone one wants to be hit on in one, but if you do, you can signal this.

Vancouver is a hard city to meet people in and even harder to be single in. This unique marketing campaign that is using blogging, and social media should turn a few heads.

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November 29, 2010

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

The Rules in Social Media seem to be constantly changing, but there are some that remain consistent. Having been on Twitter since March 14th, 2009, I’ve seen Internet Marketing change a great deal. I’ve also changed the way I market myself because of this.

Engage rather then Market. I found that as soon as I stopped marketing my own work and started engaging, more happens. Not only engaging on Facebook & Twitter, but engaging offline in person at tweet-ups or Meet-ups are important. By engaging you develop relationships. Relationships take time, so the best way to get to know people is to get offline and meet them. When you have met someone in person, there is more of a connection. Via @shanegibson: Social Media Tip: One of the fastest paths to social media ROI involves meeting in person. Put simply someone you have met will find more value in your content then someone you have not.

Don’t over Market. You’ll hear this often. It’s important. Post your work once, but post it strategically. Monitor your networks and find out when you get the best results. e.g. Try posting at lunch time when more of your audience is online. There’s a lot of noise on twitter, so you have to figure out the best time to leverage that noise.

Make your website Social Media Accessible. Make it easy for people to post your work from your website or blog. Social Media Icon and sharing services help achieve this. It’s ok to use more then one and put them in multiple places. Visibility makes it more accessible.

Keep up to date. Keep up to date. Use websites like Mashable to find the latest trends. Make them your own. Innovate.

Keep working on relationships. Online and off. As I said above, relationships are important. Not only friends you make on twitter and social media. Keep your family and friends relationships going. Don’t neglect those around you. Social Media is just a business tool, in the end it’s the people in your life that matter.

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September 2, 2010

Google Insights for SEO

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Google Insights SEO Keyword Tool

Google Insights analyzes search data over time periods, and tells you what terms are currently trending in a given market.

Lets say you are a photographer and want to name your images. Vancouver photo is a pretty generic term. While it is good to keep names shorter, you will increase your traffic by using terms that are searched for more frequently. I’m going to do a Search Term, search for “Vancouver photo”, using “Image Search”, “World Wide” and “2008 – Present”

Vancouver Photo Google Insights

Vancouver Photo Google Insights

The result is a table of data that show’s you when this term has been searched for since 2008.

From the results table I can tell that this term has not been used very often since 2008. I may want to consider using a different term. The results also show you Regional Interest, to show you which countries search for the term. The term “Vancouver Photo” has been searched for the most by people from Canada.

Because the time period table told me that this is not a very popular search term, I’m going to use something else. Below the Regional Interest chart is a “Search Terms” graph that shows me the Top Search Queries.

Vancouver Photo Search Terms

Vancouver Photo Search Terms

From the above table I see that photos of vancouver is a popular search term. From this I may want to name my image, photosofvancouver.jpg. Properly naming your images is a key ingredient in SEO, you also want to include the name in your alt tag, and description or caption tags.

If you are a search engine optimization specialist or a business owner launching a new website. Google insights can help you find market niches for your brand. I should point out that no tool can accurately estimate traffic. With Google Insights you will gain a better understanding of what people are and have been searching for in a given keyword. You can then create tailor your content or create content with those niches in mind.

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