November 24, 2010

Facebook Pages

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Why you should have a Facebook Page for your business

Find us on FacebookThe best Social Media policy is being diversified. Posting on more then one platform allows you to communicate with your customer and build links for your website. Linking is still an important part of SEO, using Social Media to link creates fresh content and helps your search engine rankings.

Using a Facebook page to post fresh content will help your links get indexed in search engines. By default pages are open and crawled by search engines. If you use a company user profile where you have to authorize users this may not be the case. Depending on the privacy settings you have set, profiles do not get indexed. Profiles are also limited to the number of friends you have. Your friends might share your work but even if they do you have more visibility on a like page.

Facebook Accounts for 25% of All U.S. Pageviews. Source Mashable. Think about that for a minute. Thats a pretty huge number. I’m sure Canada has a similar number. Given the amount of people on Facebook and using it on a daily basis its a great way to increase traffic.

Using posting Strategy. When posting links on Facebook think about timing. Marketing a big event? Post it during lunch hour within your time zone. Marketing to the shopping crowd? Consider posting in the evening or on the Weekend. Controlling when you post content on Facebook can have a positive affect on your numbers. Most people use Facebook during their lunch hour. Not everyone is aloud to be on it all day. Posting in the evening when there are large numbers of people online will also gain more traffic.

Secure your username. Once you have 25 likes on your page you can secure your username. Some call it a vanity name. But a user name helps your customers find you. Facebook Help on Usernames.

Create a brand landing page. If you have a company brand, creating a landing page helps people recognize your brand logo. Here’s how you do this…

To change the tab which shows by default on your Page, simply click the “Settings” button which appears below the blue Share button on your Wall tab. Then, adjust your settings appropriately.

Facebook profiles are limited to 5000 Friends. Think long term, if your brand goes viral you are limited to 5000 friends with a Facebook profile. You don’t have that limitation with pages.

Like buttons on your company website. Creating a like button on your company website helps people know you have a facebook page. You can place it in a few places, contact us for example. Getting started with Like Buttons on Facebook. You can also put a like button below a blog post. That way your content gets shared by facebook users.

Facebook as a News Feed. If your like lots of people I know including myself, you use Facebook as a RSS News feed. Having a FaceBook Like button allows you to take advantage of this market and keep them up to date.

Facebook help is a great resource for expanding your facebook presence. Facebook Help.

It’s a good idea to have your Social Media presence monitored by a webmaster who know’s SEO and how to Strategically post. Hire a consultant or someone in house for this type of work and it will be money well spent.

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September 8, 2010

Reciprocal Links, yay, or nay?

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Whats your philosophy on reciprocal links?

Personally I have stopped responding to them. Most of them go into my spam filter because I have set up rules against them.

Reciprocal links are generally a tactic used by Junior SEO’s who are so new that they don’t know its not the best way to build links.

Check the site links. E.G. site: check the links as well, E.G. link:
See if its actually worth while to link to them. If they have a high number of links you may want to consider it.

Not trying to be mean, but if they send you an email template that looks like this, you may just want to set up a rule to ignore them. It’s extremely impersonal in my view. The person didnt even bother to find my name on my website. How would they know linking to me would be of mutual interest?


Dear Sir

I want to build a reciprocal website link between ___________ and I believe that the content in both websites would be of mutual interest to visitors and this could result in increased web traffic and improvement in search engine listing positions for both businesses.

You can register for free with Crosslink builder (and discover your google page rank) to build a reciprocal link by clicking on

Please let me know if you wish to proceed. This email has been initiated by a crosslink-builder user.

Do not reply directly to this Email. Replies should be sent to ______________


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