October 26, 2010

How to tweet when you don’t have time for it

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How to tweet when you don’t have time for it

I like a lot of people have a day job. I have several twitter accounts and I’m not always able to tweet all of them during the day.

So how do I maintain my account and build followers? Every morning I take an hour or so and read through hashtag streams that meet my brands values. My blog is about social media, web design and seo. Using Hootsuite I keep streams of these open. In the morning I will go through the streams looking at articles and deciding what to schedule.

Scheduling with hootsuite

Scheduling with hootsuite

Scheduling tweets is a really easy way to both maintain your account and gain followers. When you re-tweet the work of others using hashtag streams you get noticed. Not only by the person you re-tweet but the people reading what you re-tweet. This in turn will create followers.

I find scheduling tweets to be a really easy and affective way to maintain my brand. It doesnt take much work to do it either. Try scheduling a tweet once an hour for the work day. Do this for a week and see what happens. You’ll be surprised at the number of followers you will gain just by using this method. The next step is to engage followers when you have time. Engagement is the real motivator for gaining followers.

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September 27, 2010

Hootsuite Analytics

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Hootsuite is a Multitasking application with Analytics

Do you monitor your companies analytics in addition to its twitter profile? There’s an easy way to track analytics using hootsuite. Hootsuite has the ability to be more then just a social media monitor, it can also monitor website analytics. It has pre-built reports that can show you informnation like referrals from twitter.

While hootsuite does not allow as many custom reports as google analytics does, you get an over view of traffic and traffic sources. The thing I like about monitoring traffic in hootsuite is the break down of traffic sources. They make it really easy to choose the medium its coming from. You could set up a campaign to make the report more detailed.

Being able to monitor which posts are popular from a given source, allows you to build strategic content. if its your job to create content, this helps you see what content is popular.

There are lots of free twitter monitoring applications out there. But Hootsuite is one of the best at integrating other services to give you more value. They also make the job of a brand monitor that much easier.

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September 17, 2010

Hootsuite follow updating

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How to update your followers list, speficially unfollowing

I’m a twitter account administrator of several accounts. I wanted to update the list of one of the accounts I administer and unfollow twitter accounts that were not following us. I posted the question on twitter and got a response from @Richerd. Richerd is a extremely knowledgeable hootsuite programmer.

So what do you do if you want to unfollow, and you cant log directly into twitter? You could do a search for the user and then unfollow on their info tab. That however is very time consuming and you wont find all of the users.

Simple solution. Go to the hootsuite owl.

Click on Contacts. You will get a grid of all of your accounts and followers similar to this.

Its a good idea to keep your following count low when people don’t follow you. What you can do is add them to a list if you still want to follow them. There are tools that you can use to help determine who is still following you. I found @doesfollow really easy to use.

Just discovered something else while cleaning up my following list. You can drag and drop a user into a list on the left hand side of the contacts page. Really cool feature. Click on the image of the person or name and drag it to the list you want. That simple. You can then unfollow them if they don’t follow you. Monitoring on lists is better then having people that don’t follow you in your stream. It makes for less chatter in your main stream as well.

Excerpts from this post are also on the hootsuite blog. http://blog.hootsuite.com/social-tutorials-wise-advice/

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September 16, 2010

Maximizing Lists with Hootsuite

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Maximizing Lists using Hootsuite

A list can be a powerful tool in twitter. Lists allow you to monitor a wide range of people and business on twitter without following them. Setting up a list using hootsuite is relatively simple. There are a few tweaks you can use to filter content once the list is set up.

Click on the Hootsuite owl and go to Twitter tab.

Maimizing Hootsuite Lists

Maimizing Hootsuite Lists

I’m going to create a list to monitor local tweets on foursquare. Once you’ve named the list and created it hootsuite automatically adds a tab to the hootsuite web browser app.

Maximizing Hootsuite Lists

Maximizing Hootsuite Lists

Maiximizing Hootsuite Lists

Maiximizing Hootsuite Lists

Now I have to fill this list. Take a look at my previous post on using four square to find local tweeters. This is one method you can use to build a local list.

For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to use an existing list and show you how to filter it. To filter a list by keyword click on the down arrow as seen above the pop-out box in this image. Select Filter by and you can enter any keyword you want. I’ve chosen SEO, to search for posts on SEOby people I follow. Why would I want to do this? Re-tweeting the tweets of people you follow is a great way to build relationships. Since my blog is focused on SEO, this is a good example to use.

Maximizing Hootsuite Lists

Maximizing Hootsuite Lists

If monitoring social media streams is part of your job, using lists can help filter unwanted information. Lists are a powerful tool in brand monitoring. Learn how to use them and maximize them to your benefit.

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June 24, 2010

Hootsuite, Whats not to love

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If you are involved in Social Networking or do it as part of your job, you have probably heard of hootsuite. You may already be using it. Hootsuite 5.0 was just released and is a whole lot better. It has a multitude of new features, and great additions to old. As someone who works with Analytics, my favorite new feature is the analytics ability.

Hootsuite is a professional twitter client that has definitely taken it up a notch.Hootsuite Professional Twitter Client

Hootsuite Professional Twitter Client

You can get all of your streams in one place.
Social Media Streams on hootsuite

All your Social Media Streams in one place

Advanced stats. Great for blog posts or anyone that loves statistics.
Advanced Statistics

Advanced Statistics. If you love stats this is your clien

This is probably my favorite new feature. The ability to integrate google analytics. Integrate Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics

Get all of your social media streams in one place. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, PingFM, WordPress.com, MySpace & 4Squared

Social Media Streams

Social Media Streams

Nice to have addition is being able to customize your hootsuite theme.

Customize your hootsuite

Customize your hootsuite

The only thing I don’t like about the new Hootsuite App is the twitter style RT Feature. The old one you could edit is better. Other then that they have done an awesome job. I’ll continue to proudly use @hootsuite & support a local Vancouver company.

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