September 20, 2010

Google Instant

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More on Google Instant

Google Instant is still a popular topic. The main areas of SEO it will affect are Long Tail Keywords and Keyword Research. Google instant changes the way people search for a website. It does this by trying to guess at what the person is searching for. Luckily this is a feature that the user can turn off if desired.

If I optimized this blog post using The Long Tail Keyword method, I would make the url something like “more-on-google-instant” or “using-long-tail-keywords-for-optimization”. With Google Instant, googles website will try and guess what you are searching for. Before you even type in the whole url it would likely produce “using long”. Here’s an example of what I mean:

One way you might fix this is to change the keyword order and shorten the title. “Google Instant” is now my title and “Google Instant More” my url. I would then use On Page Keywords & an optimized meta description to fully optimize this page.

Things to keep in mind. Google Likes H1 tags. I don’t think thats going to change much with Google Instant. An H1 tag is content. Optimize it with the keywords you want google to find. E.G. More on Google Instant. Include your H1 tag in the meta description.

Focus on On Page optimization. I’ve repeated Google Instant several times on this page. I have also strategically Bolded certain words or keywords. If you do choose to use meta keywords, keep it simple. With meta keywords less is definitely more.

Keep your permalinks short. The shorter the better. I’m already using Google Instant as a title on another blog post. If I wasn’t I would call this post strictly “google-instant”. I would then build the content around that subject.

Use two word targets. Like Google Instant as an example. If you subscribe to the meta keyword method you could use two word targets there as well. Don’t repeat meta keywords, repeat them in your on page optimization.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Write a blog post and test it out. Keep your post tile short, optimize your h1 and description tags, and then monitor the results. There’s always something new to learn with SEO. Learning how you can work around it is key to staying on top.

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September 15, 2010

Google Instant

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How much is Google Instant going to change SEO?

My initial reaction? Not a whole lot. Google has already stated on the google instant page that it does not affect existing rankings.

Q: Does this change impact the ranking of search results?
A: No, this change does not impact the ranking of search results.

Google Instant is more about the user interaction between the user and the search engine. The existing rankings are still there.

The key to predicting how Google Instant will affect your website is to track data and search queries over time. Google Instant will change the way people search because it tries to predict what they are searching for. My guess is most people will find this annoying and not intuitive enough and turn it off. Turning google instant off is an option for google users.

You may have to change your keyword targeting, but other then a few tweaks there is no reason to believe that it will affect search engine rankings.

Good reads on the subject of Matt Cutts Google Engineer.

Google Blog

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