September 10, 2010

Analytics, filter IP Address

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Google Analytics, Filtering IP Address

Want accurate numbers for your google analytics report? Filter out your company IP Address. If your company is anything like mine, you likely have a 100 hits a day minimum from within the company. This can skew your analytic’s numbers. This will also help if you are like me and always edit your blog postings. Each edit counts as a hit in google analytics. This filter will exclude those and make your report more accurate.

Filter IP Address for Accurate Analytics Reports

Filter IP Address for Accurate Analytics Reports

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September 2, 2010

Really simple brand tracking

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So I have a Brand Name. Now how do I track it?

There is a really easy way to track Brand names in Analytics with-out creating a complex report. Simply login to your Analytics dashboard and go to the appropriate website profile.

Find Advanced Segments under My Customization on the Analytics Dashboard. (Left hand Side).

Select Traffic Sources, in Green on the Left. And drag it to the dimension or metric dotted box.
A drop down box will appear beside the keyword box you just dragged over. Select “Contains”. In the text area to the right enter your brand name. E.G. “Webtechbc”

Next we want to Add or Statement for Medium.

The medium is the type of information you want. Like the medium that directed you to my website.

The result should look like this image…

Advanced Segments - Tracking Brands Names

Advanced Segments - Tracking Brands Names

Before you are done you have to give it a name and save it. I’ve called my Advanced Segment, Organic-Webtechbc.

This is an example of the type of data you will receive. I still need to do a lot of Branding work with Webtechbc so theres not much data in this report. It does how-ever give you a sample to look at.

Organic Keyword Report

Organic Keyword Report

Happy Reporting!

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Google Analytics Custom Filter

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A great use of Custom Filters in Google Analytics is to track a specific keyword like your Company Name.

In my case I want to track any search for the name Webtechbc.

Login to Google Analytics: Go to the Website profile you want to add a filter to: Click edit under add new profile on the right hand side. Under Filters applied to, which should be the third row down in the profile table: Click AddFilter.

Name your filter. I’ve given it the name webtechbc: Select Custom Filter: In this case we want to Include. Under Filter field Select Campaign Term. Under Filter Name select: Webtechbc (E.G.). In this case you would use your company name, or a specific term you want to track.  Click Save report and you are done.

Custom Filter Campaign Term

Custom Filter Campaign Term

This type of filter is great for tracking marketing campaigns, or keeping track of a specific brand name and from a specific source like google.

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