December 1, 2010

Reasons I may not follow you

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Reasons I may not follow you on twitter, or un-follow you

There’s been all kinds of blog posts about twitter etiquette and following or un-following people. I say, make your own rules. Personally, I do not automatically follow people. I look for commonality. First an foremost I look for things we have in common. Sometimes it’s location based. If you live in Vancouver, you’ll get a follow or a list. If you work in my field you will likely get a follow.

Twitter Follow or Not

Some people subscribe to the follow for a follow rule. I find this is not always practical. It also creates a lot of noise and does not add anything to the value of your twitter stream.

Things that will get you un-followed

If you auto DM me on follow, that’s an automatic un-follow. Let me discover your content for myself. Auto DM’s are not the way to get attention. Build relationships and engage new followers by saying hello with an @ ping. This acknowledges them, and lets people you follow know about them.

Over-posting content / marketing

If you fill my twitter stream with junk or spam, I will un-follow you. I’m a marketer too but you can market with out over-doing it. Post your content once, be strategic about when you post it and it will go further.

Don’t post everything

There’s some things I really don’t need to know. Consider what you are posting before you post it. Do you really need to advertise it to the world?

Things you should do : Be yourself. Add humor when possible. Be sincere. Sincerity works. Engage your followers. Talking to people not just talking about yourself. Be unique. Be Friendly. Make up your own rules.

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September 17, 2010

Hootsuite follow updating

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How to update your followers list, speficially unfollowing

I’m a twitter account administrator of several accounts. I wanted to update the list of one of the accounts I administer and unfollow twitter accounts that were not following us. I posted the question on twitter and got a response from @Richerd. Richerd is a extremely knowledgeable hootsuite programmer.

So what do you do if you want to unfollow, and you cant log directly into twitter? You could do a search for the user and then unfollow on their info tab. That however is very time consuming and you wont find all of the users.

Simple solution. Go to the hootsuite owl.

Click on Contacts. You will get a grid of all of your accounts and followers similar to this.

Its a good idea to keep your following count low when people don’t follow you. What you can do is add them to a list if you still want to follow them. There are tools that you can use to help determine who is still following you. I found @doesfollow really easy to use.

Just discovered something else while cleaning up my following list. You can drag and drop a user into a list on the left hand side of the contacts page. Really cool feature. Click on the image of the person or name and drag it to the list you want. That simple. You can then unfollow them if they don’t follow you. Monitoring on lists is better then having people that don’t follow you in your stream. It makes for less chatter in your main stream as well.

Excerpts from this post are also on the hootsuite blog.

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