November 24, 2010

Facebook Pages

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Why you should have a Facebook Page for your business

Find us on FacebookThe best Social Media policy is being diversified. Posting on more then one platform allows you to communicate with your customer and build links for your website. Linking is still an important part of SEO, using Social Media to link creates fresh content and helps your search engine rankings.

Using a Facebook page to post fresh content will help your links get indexed in search engines. By default pages are open and crawled by search engines. If you use a company user profile where you have to authorize users this may not be the case. Depending on the privacy settings you have set, profiles do not get indexed. Profiles are also limited to the number of friends you have. Your friends might share your work but even if they do you have more visibility on a like page.

Facebook Accounts for 25% of All U.S. Pageviews. Source Mashable. Think about that for a minute. Thats a pretty huge number. I’m sure Canada has a similar number. Given the amount of people on Facebook and using it on a daily basis its a great way to increase traffic.

Using posting Strategy. When posting links on Facebook think about timing. Marketing a big event? Post it during lunch hour within your time zone. Marketing to the shopping crowd? Consider posting in the evening or on the Weekend. Controlling when you post content on Facebook can have a positive affect on your numbers. Most people use Facebook during their lunch hour. Not everyone is aloud to be on it all day. Posting in the evening when there are large numbers of people online will also gain more traffic.

Secure your username. Once you have 25 likes on your page you can secure your username. Some call it a vanity name. But a user name helps your customers find you. Facebook Help on Usernames.

Create a brand landing page. If you have a company brand, creating a landing page helps people recognize your brand logo. Here’s how you do this…

To change the tab which shows by default on your Page, simply click the “Settings” button which appears below the blue Share button on your Wall tab. Then, adjust your settings appropriately.

Facebook profiles are limited to 5000 Friends. Think long term, if your brand goes viral you are limited to 5000 friends with a Facebook profile. You don’t have that limitation with pages.

Like buttons on your company website. Creating a like button on your company website helps people know you have a facebook page. You can place it in a few places, contact us for example. Getting started with Like Buttons on Facebook. You can also put a like button below a blog post. That way your content gets shared by facebook users.

Facebook as a News Feed. If your like lots of people I know including myself, you use Facebook as a RSS News feed. Having a FaceBook Like button allows you to take advantage of this market and keep them up to date.

Facebook help is a great resource for expanding your facebook presence. Facebook Help.

It’s a good idea to have your Social Media presence monitored by a webmaster who know’s SEO and how to Strategically post. Hire a consultant or someone in house for this type of work and it will be money well spent.

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October 29, 2010

Follow Friday Profile

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Its Friday again. My favorite day of the week. Now I’ve got another reason to like Friday is my new profile series. I’m making it a regular feature. The blog is about Social Media, so this feature will also help improve the Social part.

The profile this week is on my friend Adrian Eden. Adrian is an SEO from YaleTown who blogs about life experience. We met at tweet-up. I think we get along we’ll because were both from British Columbia and grew up in small towns.

Adrian Eden

How long have you been blogging & tweeting?
I have been actively Blogging for 3 years and tweeting for 2 years. I look at my Blog as a way to express myself and thoughts and Twitter @adrianeden as a way to discuss things as they happen in the world around us. I also love Twitter for the hyper local news element.

How did you get started?
I got started because I have always been someone who likes to express myself. I felt empowered and it was a lot of fun. I like to test the  naming conventions and semantic field content placements and watch the rankings in SERP pages go up and down based on that and inbound links.

What is your social media strategy?
My strategy is to have fun and be myself while sharing content that I create and supporting others in getting their voices heard. I truly believe it is all about quality and not quantity. I do not try to monetize my personal Social Media usage, rather I grow relationships and do business with the people I connect with the most deeply. You should know all about that right Ben. ;)

Whats your favorite topic to tweet about?
I love hyper local news and SEO tweets. I also like to hear about photography and anything related to the outdoors like hiking and camping.

Whats your favorite topic to blog about?
I like to Blog about the experiences and people that are in my life as well as high level thinking and the psychology behind technology. You can also find how-to articles and some comedy.

Do you have any advice for those new to social media & blogging?
Do not  follow tons of people and hope they follow you back (on Twitter) but rather focus on the @replies and asking really good questions. You do not have to ask people to follow you if you are creating genuine and interesting conversations. Let the content sell itself. Never forget who you are and do not be afraid of criticism, it just means you are doing something right. You can not please everyone.

For Facebook I would say do not add a bunch of people to your friends list that you do not know as you will get a ton of invites to parties and events that you have no interest in attending. Use it to strengthen already existing real world relationships and share pictures. Always keep in mind that you cannot fake authenticity, it takes time and consistency to earn respect and influence.

Do you own a business? If so tell us about it
I founded as a way to drive word of mouth awareness in my skills as an SEO and Internet Marketing professional. I have been fortunate enough to mentor with some of the best people in the online gambling industry, I traveled the world attending conferences such as the iGaming Super Show in Prague, and I also took a commercial web development diploma here in Vancouver at the Institute of Advanced Media. Right now I am working with Coleman Heating to get their content strategy up and running. I have also worked with Calvin Ayre and the Bodog Brand I have a number of other clients but would prefer to keep them private at this time. I am currently not taking any new business, but you can hear me speak at the upcoming entrepreneur meetup at The Network Hub @thenetworkhub on November 18th 2010. I will be taking questions and offering actionable advice for local businesses.

What are your hobbies besides blogging and social media?
I love bodybuilding and traveling.

Last weeks #FF was on Bob Grey local musician and hockey fan.

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September 29, 2010

Mobile Friendly?

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Is your blog mobile friendly?

Mobile devices are coming of age. Almost everyone has an iPhone, Blackberry or smart phone. Even facebook claims that more people use facebook on mobile devices then on desktop computers. If you want to stay competitive while gaining a new audience mobile friendly websites are the way to go.

You can make it easier for them to view your website.

WordPress Mobile Pack is easy to set up and comes in several colour / theme options. When people view your blog posts on a mobile device they will get a slimmed down view of your website. The great part is you don’t have to re-code your site if you don’t want to.

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September 10, 2010

Facebook page administration

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Facebook Page Administration

So you are an authorized administrator of a company page. Lets say you want to like a page or add a page to the company’s page favorites. Here’s what you do. Log-in as yourself. Search for your company with the search bar and go to your company page. In the facebook search bar, I look for Photodreamz Page.

Facebook Page Updating as an Admin

Facebook Page Updating as an Admin

Once you are on The Facebook Page you administer you can proceed to update it.

Updating Tips. Describe your link, using the title of the page. e.g. if it’s a blog post use the h1 title. Keep the keywords you want to be searched for at the front of the topic. E.G.

Updating your facebook page as an Admin

Updating your facebook page as an Admin

You can either use the link attachment or paste the link right into the text box.

Keep up to date on my posts at

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March 10, 2010

Link Facebook & Twitter

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Did you know you can now link facebook and twitter? It could not be easier to update your twitter account directly from facebook. The following including images and a how to do this:

Go to

Select Link a page to twitter

Link Facebook To Twitter

Link Facebook To Twitter Go to


If you have more then one page you will have more options then I do. Select Link to Twitter.

Link Facebook to twitter

Press Link to Twitter

Allow your facebook to access twitter.

Allow Facebook Access to Twitter

Allow Facebook Access to Twitter

Edit your settings. You can tell facebook what to update and what not to update. You can also opt out of linking twitter. Then Save Changes.

Edit Your Settings

Edit Your Settings


Your twitter account will now be linked and updated from Facebook.

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February 4, 2010

5 Twitter and Facebook Marketing Tips

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Looking to promote your photography online? There are several ways you can integrate social media to do this.

1. Open a twitter account
- Use a similiar name to what your website url is or your brand name. Put a twitter badge on your website so people can see you are on twitter. When you create a blog post use a service like to shorten the url and then post the blog post on twitter.

2. Cross market using facebook
- Maintain your facebook page with updates. Post your latest images. Join groups on facebook to promote your photography and business. When you post something on twitter cross post on facebook. Link your website to facebook with facebook links.

3. Use a customized background with a stretched image and an information badge about you
- Include a excellent photo that represents you as your custom back-ground. Make it 2000px wide so it stretches the screen. Put an information badge on the top left corner of this image that includes your business name, your name, your url and some photos.
Make sure you test it on smaller screens so it is visible.

4. Build your followers
- Post to sites like use hashtags to promote your photos. Example if you have a picture about vancouver use #vancouver and #photography. Hash-tags are a very useful tool similar to wordpress tags.

5. Use Twitter & Facebook Everyday
- Its simple, but the more you use it, the more you post, the more you get noticed. Attend social events when possible. Have a business card with both your website and twitter, facebook pages listed. Promote, Promote, Promote.

Good Luck.

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