November 7, 2010

Twitter Followers

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Twitter is about more then just follower count

@webtechbcMost people who are new to twitter focus on one thing. Follower count. It’s natural really, you want a large number so lots of people see your tweets and conversations.

It’s not until you start to learn how to use twitter affectively that its bottom line is not just follower count. A large follower count is a given with someone like Steve Jobs president of Apple. For the average joe or brand being famous is not a great Social Media strategy. It takes time to get there and may not be worth the effort.

So how do you use twitter affectively with a low follower count? Communication is the key. Talk to people. You don’t even need to follow people to talk to them. By building lists of people that share your interests brand or personal you can find people to talk to. I have blogged about using lists before. Like Managing your follower lists with formulists… Read More so I won’t go into that further now.

By creating a list weather it is locally based or subject base you can then filter it for people to communicate with. I frequently use the Twitter Search Tool as a search engine. It’s a great way to perform advanced searches and look for potential customers. It has not replaced google, but should not be discounted as a way of driving business.

There’s another benefit to focusing less on twitter followers and more on conversations. Communicating with people drives word of mouth and you gain followers. It also helps increase your influence when you talk to people on twitter.

Lots of companies going into Twitter with a Social Media Strategy of branding and marketing alone. You will gain business using this method, but an affective Social Media Strategy also includes communicating with customers.

Consider this as a Brand Strategy Responding to customer needs. Both negative and positive reactions to your brand need to be addressed in a timely manner. The more you satisfy the customer the more word of mouth business you get and in turn you gain followers.

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September 24, 2010

Twitter Follow Back

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Don’t Expect to be followed back on twitter

All to often I see people who are marketing twitter profiles, follow someone to expect a follow back. What is a follow back? Its what it sounds like. Someone following you back when you have followed them. Some people subscribe to the rule of Twitter Karma. While in theory this is a nice practice, its not the best practice to use. My method of finding followers is to look for people who share interests, work in the same field, or are seeking a service that I offer. Thats not to say you can’t follow someone back because they have followed you. But if they don’t meet my criteria, I list them. If I find they are of interest after monitoring the list I will then follow them back.

If you are managing a twitter account for a business, be strategic in following people. There’s that word strategic again. Strategy is important in Social Media. There are not enough Social Media campaigns that stick to it.

If you offer a certain service, seek out customers. Twitters advanced search is the simplest way of doing this. There are other methods. But sometimes the simple tools work best. Twitters Search Tool.

Lets say you want to search for a social media job in the vancouver area. I would use All of these words “Social Media” and under Any of these words “Job, Hiring, Employment. I would also search by region within 25km. This helps narrow my results.

Where does the strategy come in? Contact the people. Tell them you offer this service. You have to be careful about this though as it is borderline spam. But if you find people asking for this service specifically there is your opportunity to offer. Follow the person or list the person once you have contacted them. If they end up using your service, follow up after, and make an effort to retain the customer.

Using this method you will gain more quality followers, and people who are likely to follow you back as well.

What methods do you use to follow people on twitter?

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