September 20, 2010

Social Media Traffic

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Social Media Traffic Strategy for Bloggers

Build Content & Quality Traffic not followers. There’s a misconception in the Social Media sphere that you need thousands of followers to drive traffic. Not so. If you have content that people want, create it on a continuous basis, and maintain your SEO, followers are a bi-product. Creating great content not only gains you followers, it gains you quality followers who return for your content and stay longer. Social Media traffic tends to bring a high bounce rate with it. Don’t rely on it as your only means of traffic.

Use Social Media to build your SEO. Brand yourself. Sign up with as many social media sites as possible. Digg, Delicious, FriendFeed, Twitter, and the list goes on. Each one can be used to create valuable back-links without followers. Create back-links with each blog post. Post your content once in all of them if you choose. When using Twitter or FriendFeed include hashtags so your content gets seen by a wider audience. Using hash-tags is a way of getting your work out there, and gaining followers.

Posting content on Social Media sites does two things. 1) Gets your content out there. 2)Creates SEO Back-links.

Social Media SEO Techniques

On URL Structure & Keywords: Keep your url’s short. Sitelink and Title tags are usually best. e.g. The shorter the url the better. URL Shortening services like are great for tracking stats. Google is more likely to index your url if it show’s the whole url.

Place Keywords / H1 tags in front Place your keyword string or H1 tags before the url. e.g.

Social Media Traffic Strategy for Bloggers

The above post would leave plent of room to be re-tweeted or have hash-tags entered. I would then post this on the other services I mentioned above. For services like delicious Ask for a title and keywords. Repeat your H1 tags in these cases.

There’s nothing wrong with having 0 followers. In fact, take advantage of it. Write content, post the content and get your work out there. Everyone has to start from somewhere, using SEO combined with good posting practices will build quality followers. These followers will be more likely to stick around and read your blog longer.


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September 9, 2010

Social Media SEO

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Social Media SEO – Don’t limit yourself to one media stream

Social Media is the in thing right now. Most people know this. Did you know that Social Media can really help your SEO?.

Here’s the trick

Use multiple platforms. E.G. Don’t limit yourself to just twitter for example.
- Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, to name a few all give you back-links when you publish a url. When-ever possible publish the entire url for back-linking.

Brand yourself or your company
It doesn’t matter if you brand yourself or your company. As long as you keep creating content and getting it out there. If you do brand yourself though, be strategic about it. It’s fine to talk about other things then your work. Set aside certain times of day for work related tweets. High traffic times are best, so your work gets out there.

Build your audience
Use hashtags. E.G. I would use #socialmedia hashtag and #seo hashtag for this post. For twitter I might tweet: Social Media & SEO Techniques. #SEO #socialmedia.
Doing this gets your blog post or website out there. It gives you a wider audience then just your followers.

Post on more then one Social Media Platform
This is important. The more places you post your work the more it gets seen. If you do a search for your brand on google, usually you will find links from social media streams to your articles within the first 3 pages. You will also find links that other people posted for you.

Both strategy and content are equally important
You can have great content and it wont get seen. Unless you publicize it. SEO is just one of the techniques you can use to get it seen. Putting it out there on social media platforms give you an even wider audience. Build relationships with people that already re-tweet your work for you.

Traditional Marketing is not dead
Just wanted to add this point. Traditional marketing is still alive. We live in a visual society, keep that in mind. Print is still a valid form of advertising. Don’t just rely solely on digital mediums. While marketing is shifting to the digital world, print is still a valid form of advertising and worth using. Feed your Social Media Streams using print marketing Include your social media links on your print advertising.

In conclusion, the more you get your site & content out there the more it is seen. Keep producing content, and keep publicizing it. Build networks and relationships by re-tweeting and linking to other peoples work. The more mediums you use the better. Don’t just rely on one service. Keep in mind that traditional marketing is still alive and can be used to feed your social media streams. Doing this means more people will see your content and hopefully help you publicize it.

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