September 28, 2010

Social Media Content

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Has Social Media Content Plateaued?

There’s an article today on @mashable that says Social Media Content has Plateaued. While they do have numbers to support the theory I don’t believe that content creation is on the decline itself.

If anything Social Media drives people to create content. Not only create content but there is a demand for higher quality content on the internet then there used to be. Social Media has facilitated this. In my mind there are two ingredients to successful content. Your audience: Who you are marketing it to. You have to be conscious of who your target audience is and market to the appropriate people. If you don’t your content will get lost in the noise of social media. Create a wider audience by using hashtags on twitter, or using multiple social mediums.

The second ingredient is timing: Timing is everything in social media. Not only when you release it and the time of day. Another factor is releasing content when there is a demand for it. This is the tricky part of creating content for social media. One way you can go about achieving this is to create the demand. It really depends on what you are marketing.

Do some research. Find out whats trending in your subject area. is just one of the services you can use for that. Build content around popular subjects. I’m not saying you have to do this for every post, but if you are strategic about it, you will drive new traffic. If you are knowledgeable on a subject use that knowledge, and create your content around it.

On fresh content: Creating fresh content is one of the keys to driving traffic. If you can come up with unique ideas, on top of my other suggestions you’ll increase traffic. This is probably one of the harder parts of content creation. Coming up with unique content that people want. Creating content is a learning process. Keep learning new ways of doing it, and improving it. As you do that the benefits are increased traffic that stay on your site longer.

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September 7, 2010

Drive traffic without twitter?

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Its true. Twitter drives traffic to websites. Twitter however is not the be-all and end all when it comes to website traffic and presence. Long before I started using twitter, I started blogging and creating content, working on my SEO. Organic SEO is the best way to drive traffic to a website. Once the base traffic is there, start using twitter, to create even more back-links, and promote the site.

If you want traffic, create content

Sounds pretty simple right? Well it really is that simple. Keep doing it and continuously work your SEO. If you have something people want they’ll find it. They’ll then follow you based on your existing work, and keep interest in what you are doing longer.

Twitter is a great promotion tool but if you already have traffic, its that much easier to maintain it without twitter. Relying on twitter solely for traffic creates a couple of issues. Attention span on the internet is low, and due to the nature of twitter being 140 characters people are less likely to stay on your website. While it will help drive traffic to your website, people will scan your article and leave right away, in most cases. This creates a high bounce rate.

How do we solve this? Obtain your brand name on twitter, but wait before you start using it to drive traffic. Focus on creating content, more then creating traffic. Use your twitter account to build relationships in the mean time. Communicate with people, share ideas, and re-tweet there work. Once you have a solid traffic base from sources other then twitter, start publishing your work with twitter.

Another advantage to this method is that if you already have organic traffic and great content, you’ll gain more followers using twitter. You’ll also gain followers that are more likely to engage on your website. The side affect is a longer viewing time of your content and a lower bounce rate.

To prove my point, my photo blog, which is Vancouver Blog has an average bounce rate of 65%. I primarily promote posts through twitter and facebook. While the blog you are currently reading has a lower bounce rate of 35%. I’ve used twitter to promote it, but only after there was a content base. I use twitter as a secondary promotional tool on Webtechbc.

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