September 27, 2010

Hootsuite Analytics

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Hootsuite is a Multitasking application with Analytics

Do you monitor your companies analytics in addition to its twitter profile? There’s an easy way to track analytics using hootsuite. Hootsuite has the ability to be more then just a social media monitor, it can also monitor website analytics. It has pre-built reports that can show you informnation like referrals from twitter.

While hootsuite does not allow as many custom reports as google analytics does, you get an over view of traffic and traffic sources. The thing I like about monitoring traffic in hootsuite is the break down of traffic sources. They make it really easy to choose the medium its coming from. You could set up a campaign to make the report more detailed.

Being able to monitor which posts are popular from a given source, allows you to build strategic content. if its your job to create content, this helps you see what content is popular.

There are lots of free twitter monitoring applications out there. But Hootsuite is one of the best at integrating other services to give you more value. They also make the job of a brand monitor that much easier.

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September 21, 2010

Twitter Analytics

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Twitter Analytics just got easier wtih About.Me

While it is possible to track things like Twitter Analytics using Google Analytics, it isnt exactly easy. It doesnt give you detailed information on your twitter account. About.Me is a social media service that does just that. It offer’s services that include Profile Analytics. How many profile views, clicks and links to you. It will also give historical data to measure progress.

Lets say you are doing a promotional campaign and want to get your websites out there. About.Me allows you to list them all in one place and promote them at the same time. Instead of tweeting links to social media services individually you can use About.Me. This is great for individuals or small business who use Social Media leads as a means of driving business. Datatracks will help you monitor your activity. It will give you a break down of tweets per day, or week and number of tweets. It will also show you your reach with each post and calculates this from other social media services like Twitter & LinkedIn.

Not only is this invaluable for Analytics, it will also be a new way of measuring brand campaigns. The above images were generated using my @photodreamz twitter account.

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