September 2, 2010

Really simple brand tracking

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So I have a Brand Name. Now how do I track it?

There is a really easy way to track Brand names in Analytics with-out creating a complex report. Simply login to your Analytics dashboard and go to the appropriate website profile.

Find Advanced Segments under My Customization on the Analytics Dashboard. (Left hand Side).

Select Traffic Sources, in Green on the Left. And drag it to the dimension or metric dotted box.
A drop down box will appear beside the keyword box you just dragged over. Select “Contains”. In the text area to the right enter your brand name. E.G. “Webtechbc”

Next we want to Add or Statement for Medium.

The medium is the type of information you want. Like the medium that directed you to my website.

The result should look like this image…

Advanced Segments - Tracking Brands Names

Advanced Segments - Tracking Brands Names

Before you are done you have to give it a name and save it. I’ve called my Advanced Segment, Organic-Webtechbc.

This is an example of the type of data you will receive. I still need to do a lot of Branding work with Webtechbc so theres not much data in this report. It does how-ever give you a sample to look at.

Organic Keyword Report

Organic Keyword Report

Happy Reporting!

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August 17, 2010

Track Twitter with Advanced Segments

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Do you want to measure website referrals from social media mediums like twitter? There are several ways of doing this, but one of the fastest is using Advanced Segments.

On your main reports page click on advanced segments under My Customizations. Then Click on Create a new custom segment top right of screen.

You will be directed to the page … Manage Advanced Segments ยป Edit Advanced Segment. It looks something like this.

Setting Up Advanced Segements for Social Media

Setting Up Advanced Segements for Social Media

Under the Dimensions Tab on the left drag Source to dimension or metric square. There are several arguements to choose from. The best for our purpose is probably "Contains". In the text field enter twitter or the social media medium that you want to track.

If you wanted to track more then one medium you could click add or statement and repeat the process. Lets say that I wanted to track all of my social media streams. It would look something like this.

Tracking Social Media with Google Analytics

Tracking Social Media with Google Analytics

You are almost done. At the bottom of the page it has a text area with Name Segment. For my purpose I am calling this Social Media. Click Save Segment. You will be taken to a list of reports, where you will find the advanced segment you just created. Unless your analytic account is brand new, you should already see referral data in the report.

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