January 11, 2011

How Social Media has changed SEO

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How Social Media has changed SEO

With Social Media having gone mainstream in the last two years, it has changed how I think about SEO. In the last year I’ve seen countless articles about how search engine optimization is dead or dying because of social media. SEO is not dead or dying, but there is a new model for it. SEO changes, and changes quickly, that’s one of the things I love about it.

SEO is no longer about keywords: If you are using meta keywords like you did 3 years ago, its time to dump them. Google and other search engines no longer rely on keywords to judge content. They are useful and should still be used but as sparingly as possible. Use keywords for targeted niche traffic on landing pages rather then site wide.

Linking is important but so is sharing: Search engines still rely on links to determine ranking. It’s important to have as many links as possible. The best way to build links is to link with someone that has more authority then you do in a related subject. Another way to build those links is by creating shareable content. Stop writing for search engines and write for people. The more people share the content the more you improve your ranking. Make sure you share the full url or use a url shortened like google. Only google indexes it’s links, which is key in social media link building.

The more you share, the more links you build: Simple concept really. The more you get a page or blog shared by Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, the more links you build.

Optimize Social Media profiles for better sharing potential: Optimize your social media profiles so you can better build your audience organically. I’ve learned a lot about sharing content on social media. It’s not the size of your audience that matters, it’s how much interest they have in your content. This is where a lot of SEO’s fail in Social Media. You can have 10,000 followers on twitter, but if they don’t share your work, they don’t help you. Having an optimized profile helps build an audience that will share your work. This is the key to success in social media SEO .

Adding value to your site with SEO & Social Media: Making your website shareable is the best way to add value. Other ways you can add value include finding niche markets and optimizing for them. Niche marketing is an over looked commodity in SEO. You gain more exposure for your website by using niche marketing. Research is important, make sure it’s a searched for term.

SEO requires a lot of upkeep. Integrating social media is one way to make that easier. Building brand trust on social media platforms takes time. Invest in getting out and meeting people and building that trust.

SEO is not dead or dying, but continuously changing. My SEO model has changed to an SEO sharing model because of the tools that are available to me. I focus on content that is readable, and hopefully unique and shareable. Today’s search engine optimizers need to look at new ways of doing things to stay competitive.

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