November 10, 2010

SEO Tips for Photographers

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SEO Tips for Photographers using WordPress

Vancouver Public LibraryWant to drive traffic to your Photography website?

As a photographer I am always looking for new ways to drive traffic to my site. This is actually how I learned SEO. SEO is important for anyone with a website to know. Especially photographers. I live in Vancouver BC, a beautiful city where photographers are a dime a dozen.

There are some basic things you can do to improve your SEO.

1. Name your images. The above image is named vancouverpubliclibrary.jpg. You could also name it Library Square or something similar depending on what you are using it for. Always, always, always come up with a name for your image. Even if its Vancouver1.jpg this will drive keyword traffic to your site for the word Vancouver. Your image names become keyword tags.

2. Name your Blog post or page carefully. Stick to something similar to the content of your images. If you took photos at the Vancouver Public Library and are writing a blog post about it use it in the title. E.G. Vancouver Public Library Photos. Repeat the name in Alternate text and title text.

3. Include an H1 Tag. Repeat your title in the H1 tag. By having the page title, h1 tag and image name consistent you increase your keyword density on the page. The H1 tag is one of the first things a search engine sees after the URL.

4. Social Media Posting. When you post your work on twitter, facebook, friendfeed etc, always use the full URL. This way the link gets indexed. Load the front of your update with keywords that relate to the content. e.g. Photos of Vancouver Public library : (link here).

5. If you use flickr link to your blog, facebook page, twitter, etc. If you use a service like Flickr include links to your website. While flickr does include a nofollow tag, it still drives traffic to your content. In this case the links are all about promotion.

Vancouver Blog | Portfolio | Twitter | Like on Facebook

6. Use a plugin that allows you to edit post titles, descriptions and keywords. I like to use All in one SEO. Most of the time I will leave the title alone and enter a description. I copy the H1 heading and repeat it in the description.

7. Keep it consistant and keep doing it. Find ways to be creative with your posts. But keep the formating in place. e.g. Title, H1, Image Title, Description, Caption. Here’s an example of how I upload photos in a blog post and name them.

Dont forget to use the file path after you have uploaded the image. It’s under Link URL.

Wordpress Photographer SEO Tips

I’m always looking for ways to improve the SEO on my photography sites. If you know others please comment.


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