December 4, 2010

SEO Myths

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Myth’s and Misconceptions in SEO

SEO’s are obsessed with page-rank. In reality page-rank doesn’t mean very much. Yes google may say they use it as a factor in a pages popularity but it’s not something you need to be obsessed with. The best way to build a good page is to write great content. Example. If you have an events blog on Vancouver write about upcoming events and link to them.Outbound links to related content can do more for your website then page-rank. Note that I said related content.

Anchor Text Need to be consistent . Why should they not be consistent? It doesn’t look natural, if you have everyone linking to your website in the same anchor text Give up control. Let your reader decide the anchor text. The inbound links will then look more natural and in turn perform better.

301 error pages are good for making changes to website structure. Nope. Go to the source and edit it there. By using 301′s you lose your existing links.

You Tube Video with a strong title will help your rank. Actually if you use the word video in the title it helps you even more. YouTube is about videos, give it what it wants. When someone searches for a video they use the keyword video.

Linking is the only way to build a high ranking website. Linking is only one of the many factors. Some seo are link happy. A few key links to your website will do the job. Post the whole url on twitter, use link juice to build links on social bookmarking sites, like digg, delicious, friendfeed.

Google local will help your business. This one is true. However, if you use a unique local IP address on a server in your city, it will go even futher. Being localized is about more then giving your address to google. Being localized by IP will boost your google local performance.

You need to write for bots. A bot is a bot is a bot. Humans read your content so write for them. If they find it boring you lose them. Bots look for content but so do humans. By writing for humans they will share your content and make it available for others when its good. Instead of making content for bots make your content awesome.

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    SEO Myths.

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    SEO Myths that you may not know.

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    SEO Myths

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