November 12, 2010

Putting Your Company on Twitter

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What to consider when putting your Company on Twitter

Marketing IntelligenceBeing successful on Twitter and Social Media is a journey that requires time and commitment. If these are not things you are prepared to give perhaps you should delay putting your company on twitter.  Here are some things to consider in putting your company on Twitter.

If you don’t have time to tweet, hire someone to do it for you. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is going into Social Media without knowing the time and cost involved.  It takes time to build followers and influence on twitter. You need to be willing  and able to communicate with your customers on twitter. Satisfying customers in a timely matter through Social Media is something a lot of customers look for. If you can do this successfully you gain customer loyalty.

Communication is the key to success. It’s not enough to talk about your business and the services you offer. You have to find your customers and communicate with them. Talk to them about what their needs are, are they satisfied with the services you are offering, how can you improve. These are just a few topics you could talk to customers about. Find and follow your customers and offer them added value. They will in turn follow you and promote you.  Engagement. Engage and you will be successful.

Offline Marketing drives Online Marketing.  Don’t neglect offline Marketing. In fact promote your Social Media presence offline. If you are in retail include twitter and facebook pages on receipts & in store windows. Marketing intelligence is realizing that you need to diversify. The social savvy will notice your offline marketing and follow you because of it.

Use a Social Media consultant that knows SEO. SEO or Search Engine optimization are a perfect blend together. You need someone that understands both SEO & Social Media Strategy. A Social Media Campaign that has efficient SEO involved in it can drive your campaign ROI even further. SEO is all about updated content, knowing how to create strategic Social Media posts can keep your content at the top.

Networking offline is important. Allow your Social Media consultant to get out and meet people on behalf of your company. If you are not networking and meeting offline you are missing a piece of the Social Media pie. Offline networking is equally important to online.

Integrate your Social Media Department with Marketing. Don’t put Social Media in the IT department. Social Media needs to be aware of what offline Marketing initiates you are working on. They should be joined at the hip and working as part of a team.  Again it’s important to have someone dedicated to Social Media because of the time involved, but they also need to understand Marketing concepts.

The last ingredient is letting your Social Media person do their job. Let the person you hire to do Social Media do their job. It may seem like an obvious point, but a lot of companies put too many restrictions on Social Media. Be open, be willing to compromise, and go with the flow.  If your not willing to explore new options in promoting your company your Social Media Campaign will go no-where.

Engagement Graphic Credit : Intersection Consulting.

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