November 2, 2010

Measuring Social Media Intelligence

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How to measure social media intelligence

I often see job postings that ask for a score. While klout is one way of measuring Social Media Intelligence it is not the only way nor should it be how you judge a persons social media influence.

Here are some ways you should be measuring social media intelligence :
Does the person understand branding? Have they taken a brand from nothing to something? Does the brand meet it’s values? Does the brand interact with people? If a person understands branding being personal or corporate, they have a better chance of understanding social media.

Does the person communicate with its network? :
The best way to measure social media intelligence is to look at a persons @ replies. If they have none they really don’t understand either social media or how to use their brand in social media.

Measuring social media isnt about “Tangible Signals” : Social Media can not be measured by how it performs on  websites. While  Social Media does have an impact on your traffic it also creates a high bounce rate. Social Media is not about measuring site performance it’s about measuring customer interaction and customer service.

Does the person maximize their Social Media network : Are they listed? Do they list people? Even a localized list can have a great impact. If a person is on a lot of lists it means that the content they produce is valued in some form.

Does the person understand strategic Social Media posting with SEO :  If the person can create a strategic post that incorporates SEO, they know how to use Social Media. If they can maximize keywords, hashtags and understand the relationship between SEO & Social Media, they know what they are doing.

Do they attend Social Networking events : I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s not enough to be on Social Media. You have to interact & get out and meet people. Weather it is attending conferences or local networking events. If they arent building relationships off-line they don’t understand the true power of Social Media.

Guru does not a social media expert make : Yoda is a Jedi Guru. But if the professional you want to hire uses the term “Guru” with-in Social Media, run away. The term “Guru” is passe in the field. Nor should you request a “Guru” Social Media person in a job ad. You are asking for someone that does not really understand Social Media if you do this.

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  1. Jonah Lewis Says:

    How to measure #socialmedia intelligence.

  2. Jonah Lewis Says:

    How to measure social media intelligence if you even can.

  3. Bellingham SocMed Says:

    What's going on in other PacNW groups: Measuring Social Media Intelligence #SMBellingham

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