December 7, 2010

Link Juice

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What is Link Juice?

Link Juice, is a term that was coined by one of the God Father’s of SEO, Greg Boser.

What is Link Juice? Put in the simplest of terms, its the amount of times your work has been shared or linked to on the internet. The more it is linked to the more “Link Juice you have. Link Juice is measured by the weight or credibility of a page.

Ways of obtaining link juice. So how do you get link juice? One way is to share your work on Social Media sites like :

The more your links are shared and indexed by search engines, the more
link juice you obtain. By using Social Media sites like Delicous and
Digg the key is to get others to share your content on them. The more
they share it the better .

Don’t confuse Link Juice with Page Rank.

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page, used by the Google Internet search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each element. Page Rank Defined

A lot of Webmasters or SEO’s will use a “No Follow” Rel to prevent Link Juice leaks. I wouldnt recommend doing this though. By using No Follow you are saying that you don’t want to influence the outgoing link.

Using a No Follow Rel link is bad practice. A search engine doesnt know how to rank your site. If you use a No Follow link it show’s you don’t trust the content you are linking to.

Tweet the whole url. Having the full url “backtweeted” builds link juice. This is the number of times the url is tweeted. Don’t use a url shortner. URL shortner’s take away from your link juice.

The best way to get link juice. Create great content that people want to share. Once you’ve figured that out the rest is easy.

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    Got Link Juice? Blog post, what is Link Juice and How to get it.

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    RT @webtechbc: Got Link Juice? Blog post, what is Link Juice and How to get it.

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