January 26, 2011

Link-Exchange Partnerships

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Link-Exchange Partnerships, the fastest way to my spam folder…

The fastest way to my spam folder is an email asking for a Link Exchange. There are SEO’s who are usually new to the game that will do this as a practice.

Tip 1: If you are going to ask for a link exchange, don’t tell the person how to link to you. It looks more natural to a search engine if your links title text are organic and unique.

Tip 2: If you are asking for a link exchange, research the website you are linking to. Related content, and locality will go a long way in giving you more page rank. If you are a Mortgage business in New York who’s customers are American, there is no value in linking to an SEO who lives in Vancouver Canada. You will not gain customers using this method. Chances are the link won’t do much for you either.

Instead consider linking someone in your region who would a benefit from the link. It’s also a good practice to link to someone in the same industry that would help drive customers and related content.

Before you start spamming websites for inbound SEO links, consider strategy and if it is really worth it to both parties.

Blogrolling will offer you more value in a link-exchange situation. Consider that before spamming a webmaster with a link-exchange request.

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    Link-Exchange Partnerships http://webtechbc.com/blog/link-exchange-partnerships/ #SEO

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