December 19, 2009

Increase Website Statistics Using Twitter

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Do you use twitter to increase your website statistics?

Have a twitter badge on the top right of the screen with some basic info can help increase website traffic.

Include your business name / website / and what you do.

Here is an example…

Twitter Badge on your background to increase stats

Twitter Badge

Here is an example of the direct results…

Google Analytics stats direct traffic increase of 34% last week

Twitter badge to increase seo traffic

Stats increased 34% for the week.

If you want a fixed background image set the width to 2000px wide. Its a good idea to test your background image on a smaller screen to make sure its readable. A lot of people use netbooks now with a screen size of 1024. Something to keep in mind.

You can see a live example on my @Photodreamz Twitter account.

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