September 2, 2010

Google & Keywords

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Google says they don’t use them. I’m trying an experiment on my site and am taking them out completely.

The key ingredients you do need for SEO are:

Great Content: Content Always Wins. Make it unique, readable to the human eye, and keep it coming.

Meta Description: Describe your website. Make a unique Description on every page. (this is important!). It’s one of the key ingredients that Google uses when ranking a website.

H1 Tags: Repeat your description with the use of H1 Tags. Search engines scan pages for H1 and use it as a means of ranking.

Here’s what google has to say on the use of keywords:

If you do decide to use keywords, don’t over-stuff them. Keep it simple, with-out repeating keywords. When using them, less is more.

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    Google & Keywords. You don't need keywords:

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