August 31, 2010

Google Analytics & Filters

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How to Set-up Filters in Google Analytics

What is a filter? A filter is a way of excluding or including traffic as desired. You may want to exclude internal traffic from a specific IP address. Or maybe you have a a page that you don’t need to track statistics for, filters help control the data in a report.

You can create two types of filters:

Pre-defined: Which are filters commonly used by everyone and easily available inside Google Analytics.

Custom Filter: As it implies custom filters allow you to manipulate the data in your reports using custom settings.

On your accounts overview page in Google Analytics go to Edit. It should be on the far right of the account in question.

When you have clicked on Edit you will be taken to the Profile Settings Page. By default filters will appear in the order you publish them. If you wanted to change that you could also do that here under the assign filter order link.

First we want to create a filter. If your job was that of a Web Analyst, and you visit the company website multiple times in the day, you might want to use a pre-defined custom filter to exclude your data from the report. Obtain your IP address, if you are a web analyst you should already know how to do this. If not you can use a service like

Under Filters Applied to Profile Should be the Third table on the Profile Settings page. Click +Add Filter on the right side of the table.

We are going to Add a New Filter…

Google Analytics Filters Tutorial

Google Analytics Filters Tutorial

For this example I am going to exclude all traffic on my reports from my IP Address. (dummy ip address).

Analytics Filter, Exclude IP Address

Analytics Filter, Exclude IP Address

Save changes, and you have created your first filter. You may want to exclude a specific URL or IP Address Range. You can do this with a pre-defined filter.

My next tutorial will be Custom Filters.

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