February 11, 2011

Working with great clients

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I love networking, mainly because I’ve made some great clients and contacts through it.

There are all types of clients in the SEO field. Some very knowledgeable others are relatively new to technology and websites. I can’t say if I like working with one over the other. Sometimes all a client needs is a push in the right direction.

That was indeed the case with Scott Dawson whom I met at the UnMarketing Book Tour. Scott asked for some advice on his website regarding URL Slugs.

A couple of months later we met over coffee and discussed SEO changes to his website. An SEO’s job is a lot easier when a client understands the importants of great content. That’s something that prevailed on Scott’s website. What an SEO does is look at the internal structure of that content. Does it have proper titles, does it link to the proper places within the website, etc.

If you are looking to hire an SEO, my philosophy is to help you make the changes that will best benefit your site. I can also provide training if needed on how to maintain it down the road. Sometimes a few tweaks can greatly improve your website rankings. Thanks to Scott for this awesome Testimonial.

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January 20, 2011

Blenz coffee Red Brand

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Blenz coffee aka Cupid

Blenz coffee has been somewhat of an innovator on the social media scene in Vancouver. Innovator in that they have adapted to social media and embraced it early. I’ve heard George Moen, President of Blenz talk Social Media on several occasions, and he certainly knows what he’s talking about.

Affective social media for companies is a blend of interaction and marketing. Where Blenz sets themselves apart is in the way that they market to the customer. They actually interact with the customer on twitter and social media platforms.

Image Credit Photodreamz Photography.

Valentines MonthFebruary is a month made for couples, with Valentines day being in the middle. It’s certainly no pick-nick being single at this time of year. During the month of February Blenz coffee has come up the idea of Blenz Red Brand. If you are single and looking for a date, all you have to do is go to Blenz buy a coffee and ask for a red sleeve. Pretty ingenious really. Who doesn’t go to coffee shops? Not everyone one wants to be hit on in one, but if you do, you can signal this.

Vancouver is a hard city to meet people in and even harder to be single in. This unique marketing campaign that is using blogging, and social media should turn a few heads.

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January 17, 2011

Titles are everything

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Titles are everything – A quick brown fox…

Titles are everything, this is something every good SEO knows, or at least should. Titles are one of your most powerful allies in SEO. In fact a title can take you just as far as a link can. To the search engine the title is like the holy grail.

A good title is keyword rich: Titles are everything is the title of this blog post. By repeating it in the permalink, H1 tag and beginning of the post you increase the chance of spiders finding the keywords. It’s a good practice to repeat the keywords at the beginning of the document.

The title needs to be descriptive. The title should be no more then 60-70 characters in length. The more descriptive and keyword rich the better. This blog post is not really about a quick brown fox, I’ve used that as an example title. The main focus is Titles are everything. How and where you place those keywords is equally important. A lot of people make the mistake of putting the brand name before the title. Brand name is secondary to what you really want people to search for.

Titles in Social Media. Rather then send out a tweet or facebook update that says, Read my blog post, titles are everything; focus in on what it really is about. Titles are everything, [link] blog post. Always include the full link. By including the full link in social media posts you add keywords and make it easier for search engines to index the url.

When you have a great title you can focus on the writing. Far to many SEO types write for search engines. By focusing on a title that works for your blog post or page you can then focus on writing that people are interested in reading.

Great titles help build back-links. Since people find your work by the title, this is just common sense. A great title will produce more back-links then a crapy title. Would anyone really search for the title A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, in relation to SEO?

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January 14, 2011

Adding value to Social Media

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Looking to Add value to your Social Media campaign?

One of the easiest ways to add value to a Social Media campaign is to start a twitter chat on a topic or industry. My friend Scott Dawson has done this in the Real Estate Industry. Scott is a mortgage broker from the lower mainland. In part to increase followers and meet people he started a twitter chat using the hash-tag #YYRREChat.

Vancouver Real Estate Twitter Chat is a weekly event on twitter to discuss everything from blogging to what’s happening in Real Estate.

Creating hashtag discussion in your industry is a great way to meet new people on twitter. The topics you discuss are up to you. A great way to add value to the people in your group is to create a blog post linking to everyone who joined the discussion. Here is Scott’s YVREChat Blog Post.

The next time you are looking to increase followers in your industry try a chat or discussion on twitter.

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January 12, 2011

Warning signs on Job Labels

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Warning signs on Job Labels

Photo by Jonah Lewis Photodreamz

Rock Star - Photodreamz PhotographyThe technology industry is littered with Job labels in Employment ads. Some of the things I look for and am weary of include : Ninja, Rockstar, Superstar, Guru.

Why are these words bad?: In my opinion companies that use these types of labels should be avoided. It tells me they are setting unrealistic expectations on a person before they are even hired.

In Social Media the term Guru is passe. When you use terms that are not excepted by industry professionals it shows you are uncertain of industry standards.

If you were really a ninja, you would live in seclusion and not be job hunting. You would likely be out assassinating someone. A rockstar is a partier, and in most cases unreliable. Superstar? No one can be a “Superstar” simply because no one can be an expert at everything. Leave superstardom to the likes of Mick Jagger.

The next time you see these types of labels on a job, think twice before applying. If you do apply and you actually get the job, make sure expectations are clear and concise. That way no one is left disappointed.

Employment keywords you should be looking for: Professional, Generalist, Technologist, Web Designer, Web Developer, SEO Professional, etc, etc. Set reasonable expectations, and then make it your goal to exceed them.

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January 7, 2011

Follow Friday Profile – CK Golf Solutions

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I first met Jeff & Tara through Social Media and I’ve had the privilege of working with them. Ck Golf Solutions teaches they’re clients everything they need to know to use Social Media affectively. If you are in the Golf or hospitality industry and need some Social Media help they are the people to go to. They are professional, and knowledgeable, not to mention great company at a tweet-up. Looking forward to working with them in the future. http://ckgolfsolutions.ca

CK Golf Solutions How did you get started?

We got started with blogging first and it was more about me venting or rambling something about the Canucks. It became clear that Tara wasn’t listening so I started a blog and for the first month or so it was just posts about the good and the bad that were the Vancouver Canucks (in early 2008). Now we both blog regularly on anything that interests us; It is a broad range of topics. We write our blog for us and hopefully the people who enjoy reading it.

What is your social media strategy?

Our objectives with social media (currently) are really to network and meet people outside of the golf industry. This has already proven to create opportunities for best practices from one field that may be applicable in another. In the golf industry we use social media to position ourselves as a leader in business strategies. We are available to help golf courses create their own social media strategies but also to help with a variety of other solutions.

Whats your favorite topic to tweet about?*

I’m not sure we have a favourite topic, I (@ckgolfsolutions) tweet about social media best practice articles I’ve read, some golf industry news and some hockey while Tara @Tara_CKGolf tweets more about Vancouver activities, dining and some golf industry things. Really we try just as hard to participate in conversations as we do to share.

Whats your favorite topic to blog about?

As I mentioned before our blog is a range of topics from golf to hockey, dining to wine, travel to Vancouver activities. We enjoy all these things so it makes them easy topics for us.

Do you have any advice for those new to social media & blogging?

Whether you are using social media personally or for a business you need to engage and participate with your followers and be conscious of what things they are interested in. It’s better to have 10 followers who you ‘talk’ to then 1,000 and never ‘talk’ to any of them. People get obsessed with numbers.

Do you own a business? If so tell us about it.

Tara and I own CK Golf Solutions Ltd. We are full time business consultants who spend about 70% of our time working with clients in the golf industry and 30% of our time with clients who are not involved in golf. We do things like business and strategic planning and provide a variety of marketing services for our clients. We also operate BC tournaments for the Canadian Junior Golf Association. We are very excited to be launching a golf iPhone App (details to come) in March 2011 that we believe will have benefits to both golf courses and consumers.

What are your hobbies besides blogging and social media?

Mountain Biking, Travel, Dining and some golf.

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December 20, 2010

Tiger Woods – Vancouver 2011 Canadian Open

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Tiger Woods Wanted – Vancouver 2011 Canadian Open

Photo Credit Keith Allison
Tiger Woods by Keith AllisonAre you a golf and Tiger Woods fan?

There is a growing Social Media campaign in Vancouver to help bring Tiger to Vancouver in 2011. Tiger has recently re-joined the twitter world, and Vancouver golf fans are trying to get his attention to come here for the Shaughnessy open.



Tweet :

Tiger @TigerWoods we want you to play in the 2011 Canadian Open at Shaughnessy!! #CanadianOpen11 #PGATour Pls. RT

As often as you wish, and help us get his attention. The more you post it the more likely hell be to notice we want him in Vancouver.

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December 17, 2010

Follow Friday – Scott Dawson

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Today’s Follow Friday profile is for Scott Dawson of Paragon Pacific Mortgages. Scott is a mortgage specialist that offers personalized service. He uses social media to promote his work on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. He’s an example of using multiple Social Media platforms effectively to attract customers.

Scott Dawson - Paragon Pacific MortgagesHow did you get started?

I signed up for Twitter in March 2009 but didn’t really tweet much at the beginning. I didn’t really “get it” at first. It has just been in the last year that I really started to follow more people I was interested in and use Twitter as more of a dialogue with my followers.

What is your social media strategy?

My social media strategy is just to engage and interact daily with my followers and people that I have built a relationship with. I do my best to answer questions people may have or put them into contact with people I know will. I also make an effort to meet at least one of my twitter followers in person for coffee each week. The power of social media comes from taking the online, offline.

What’s your favorite topic to tweet about?

I can’t say I have a favorite topic to tweet about. Although I am a mortgage broker, I try to keep the business tweets to a minimum and just try to engage. If someone asks a question about mortgages I’ll answer, but I’m also just as likely to help someone find a place to go for dinner or pick out a bottle of wine than talk business all the time.

What’s your favorite topic to blog about?

Well, in this case I’m all business. I have a blog on my website really centers around mortgages and real estate in Vancouver. I do also blog a fair bit about social media, marketing, and how I use technology in my business. I also have a YouTube channel and have begun video blogging.

Do you have any advice for those new to social media & blogging?

For social media I recommend that you follow anyone in your business and complimentary businesses. Also follow people that have the same hobbies and interests as you. If you both have something in common you will be more likely to interact.

Do you own a business?

If so tell us about it.

I am a mortgage broker with Verico Paragon Pacific Mortgages. As a mobile mortgage broker I meet many great clients throughout the Lower Mainland.

What are your hobbies besides blogging and social media?

Most people who follow me on Twitter will learn quite quickly that I am an avid golfer and take any chance I get when the weather is good to hit the course first thing in the morning. Fine wine and cars are also another one of my passions, although not at the same time. :)

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