December 9, 2009

Web Design Job Boards for Vancouver

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As someone who’s looking for work in the web design field I’ve compiled a list of sites that are good for finding work. I thought I would share them.

These are in no particular order.

Craigslist is a fantastic place to start and check daily. The below categories all frequently have web design postings in them. As a warning you should be wary of some posters. From time to time you will find posters that offer wages far below industry standard. Dont let yourself be taken advantage of if you use craigslist or another vancouver classifieds board.

Techvibes job board. Techvibes doesnt get as much traffic as some sites in terms of job postings. But its a good place to check on a weekly basis.

BCTechnology job board or TNET is a great place to check daily. They have a variety of web design and technical support related positions posted daily. The jobs on TNET tend to pay industry standards rates as well which is great. is a non profit association for the industry in bc. They dont get a large amount of postings but its worth having a look now and then.

Vancouver arts alliance job board is a website not targeted to the technology industry but will occasionally have web design related job postings.

Canada mployer. mployer is a good reasource for technology and design related jobs in Canada and around the world. They have a fair amount of postings. One complaint is they dont allow you to list results by date. Job board is Canadian based. Not as many web design jobs but they do have a lot of postings for content editing, Technical writing and Journilsm / New Media.

Service Canada Job Bank in the Engineers, Architects, IT, Natural Science category. I dont know why they insist on grouping all science together. Makes it harder to search, but they do get web design job postings from time to time. You can also do an advanced search for technical jobs rather then the above mentioned broader category. / or The Vancouver Sun / Province. Its not the first place I choose to go. Mainly because every one starts there. Im also not a fan of the way they have advanced search set up. Its difficult to both browse for and find jobs in the database that are title specific. But they do have a large number of postings in the field. I’ll post links to some appropriate categories below.

Aside from the above job link resources I’ve found that Twitter along with a program like Tweetdeck To be extremely useful job search tools. Tweet deck allows you to save previous searches in your dashboard. You can search for #hashtags or do a general search for something like Web Design Jobs Vancouver. It gives you a list of tweets and job postings from various job boards. If you are always on twitter it can save a lot of searching time.

I hope this list proves useful. Any suggestions or links appreciated to add are appreciated.


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