November 4, 2010

Blogging Tips

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Blogging tips 10 Things I’ve learned about Blogging

I’ve learned a thing or two about blogging. I’ve been running a photoblog for over two years and @webtechbc has been around for about a year. Here are some of the things I’ve learned about in that time.

1. Blog about what you know and do it with passion.
I started blogging as a photoblogger and now run a Vancouver Blog as @photodreamz. A photoblog is a daily blog with a photo a day, and sometimes though not always text and a write-up on the photo. I started by posting individual photos on subject matter I was passionate about. Landscape photography was the main focus of my blog.

2. Find ways to be unique.
When I wanted to improve my traffic to my website I started looking for ways I could use my existing photo archives. Eventually I came up with the idea of a photo guide to the city of Vancouver. It was a logical step because most of my photos were of Vancouver. I did my research and found there was not a lot of competition at the time.

3. Learn and improve on what you know.
Always learning something new is a good way to keep up to pace in the blog sphere. A good blog isnt just about content, it also needs great SEO to stay on top. If you run a photoblog one way to improve your SEO from the start is to be aware of how you name your photos and blog posts. Name the photo and give it a name similar to the blog post. E.G. I might include a screen shot of my blog on this post and call the image bloggingtips.jpg. Always be willing to learn new techniques.

4. Take advice at face value but ignore the trolls.
In the blog sphere there will always be trolls. A troll is someone that comments on a post hoping for a negative reaction and confrontation. Ignore them. If someone offers meaningful advice take the time to go to their blog and do the same for them. Make sure you have a good anti spam solution. Learn how to recognize an obvious link bait. Link baits are people looking to borrow links. If they havnt said anything related to the post it’s probably link bait.

5. Learn what other people are doing and emulate it.
I’m not saying go out and copy someones work word for word or exactly as they do it. That would go against copyright. But by learning what other people are doing, and finding unique ways to incorporate something similar in your blog, you can improve your blog. Put your own twist on it, change the subject matter to relate to your topics, and experiment.

6. When you learn a technique blog about it.
Webtechbc’s blog had a slow start. It wasnt until I started posting about things I was learning that I found my voice for it. Finding a voice can take time, but by learning new things and writing about it, you will have a subject to blog about.

7. A loaded post can drive traffic.
Have a subject your passionate about? Have a gripe? Blog about it. Make sure your able and willing to defend your point of view. You may be attacked for it. Controversy drives traffic.

8. Writers block happens.
Everyone gets writers block eventually. Even professional writers. I’ve found the best way to deal with it is going back to learning. Learning drives knowledge.

9. Bulid it and the traffic will come?
Build it and he will come! Unfortunately this does not apply to the blog sphere. It’s not that easy. Eventually you will get traffic but it takes work. You need a subject matter people want to find, a clean well laid out site with great SEO. The willingness to market yourself online and offline.

10. The worst critic is yourself!
Blog long enough and this is something you will realize. While people love to be a critic, they are usually hardest on themselves. Don’t be over critical on yourself. If you have an idea run with it. You never know what will happen until you try! And if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

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